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Lorde - Bravado
Apr 2

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obluda -
prediction: re-record version of this will be a 78 or something 80+

(and this album is not cringe as you say it is at all)
obluda -
BTS release something good challenge
obluda -
Red Flavor be like '' I'm gonna be the best summer song of all time but only for 1:04 minutes''
obluda -
(first of all, I want to say that English is not my native language and I will not particularly care about writing a well-written review for this so please ignore if this comes out as poorly written)

So, last summer, I was happy: I was doing both mentally and physically pretty good, I was spending most of my time studying, reading, watching, having helpful and cheerful conversations with my friends, listening to Kpop mostly, oh and most importantly, Covid cases were declining in where I ... read more
obluda -
This one's a classic but I hope she makes some drastic changes on some of the other songs on the album


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