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ocrakraut -
Under the Radar Pt.20

Most interesting and promising contemporary german band I know of these days. Coming from Munich they write another chapter of the City´s history of music coming from an intellectual background. The lyrics contain few words that are chosen perfectly to create a feeling of anger and resistance. The singer uses her unique voice opposite to most other female singers these days. No seduction, no hip depression, no artificial insecurity - just angry fire. Like ... read more

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ocrakraut -
Under the Radar Pt.45

A moving Live Record by Miriam Makeba (exiled from South Africa) playing in the People´s Palace of Conakry.

A sense of overturning Colonialism fuels this performance culminating in Malcolm X a song written by her daughter Bongi.

There is a traceable presence of pan-african optimism and enthusiasm in the air and Makeba lived and sang long enough to see the Apartheid regime defeated.
Recommended Teaser: Kula, U.Shaka, Malcolm X
ocrakraut -
obviously under the radar Pt. 44

Beware the AllMusic-link leads to the wrong record.

Imagine minutemen instead being fronted by their bullfrog singer/guitar-player are joined by a guy that could sing like a nightingale (at least compared to D.Boone) and is a versatile yet more conventional guitar player.
The music still rolls without taking prisoners but on some tracks you find melodies, real catchy tunes, and suddenly Mike Watt uses his Bass to wipe the floor with you whilst gnarling to his ... read more
ocrakraut -
D.Boone / Mike Watt / George Hurley (after D.Boone left this Planet the later formed the wonderful firehose) : Great musicians with this highly influential record transforming Punk by adding Jazz/Funk/Free to highspeed 1minute+ songs. This one still offers a whole lot of fun
ocrakraut -
Above the radar in Space

A fantastic singer explores the abilities of the human throat. Fits perfectly to bamboo flute music for Zen meditation or John Cage.
Not rated because incomparable due to having no competition..
ocrakraut -
When have I been overwhelmed by this kind of music like this before?
I need to throw all my prejudices aside concerning certain musical styles as this one catches me so offguard and touches me through purity.
I don´t understand a word, but the vocals in their soft wholeheartedness seem to speak to me like Marvin Gayes „What´s Going On“.
The musical elements and aesthetics seem rooted in 70s Jazzrock ( a genre I mostly don´t like) but through a perfect soft ... read more
Jan 11, 2021
Thank you very much my friend! Yes I noticed you were away, I hope this little break did you good!
Jan 4, 2021
Happy New Year my friend (:
Dec 22, 2020
Hey, what's your favorite Kanye West song? It's for a list btw
Dec 22, 2020
Fair enough 😂
Dec 20, 2020
Hi, hope you're doing well! I'm making a list, and my question is: what do you think 12-year-old you would have chosen as this year's AOTY?
Dec 7, 2020
Just read it, nice review! I'm a Karen Jonas fan and quite like that record (on my upcoming review list, actually!); my favorite of hers is "Oklahoma Lottery"
Dec 7, 2020
Thank you so much, this really means a lot! I'm also honestly so glad that you listened to those post-Sam Hunt recommendations -- and you've inspired me to dig deeper into Lauren Mascitti's back catalogue!
Dec 3, 2020
thanks for the follow! love the album selections, very cool
human, born in the booming years of the last century, playing music and listening to music for half a century. I listen to anything that touches me, still curious... I usually hate music as a tapestry satisfying my need to hear sounds that keep me safe due to cliches I already heard before.

Most of my ratings will be very good as I mostly rate things that I want to support due to their quality.

I will skip most of my dislikes as long as I´m not confronted by them on a daily basis (tx kids)
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