Billy Strings - Renewal
Oct 1, 2021 (updated Aug 25, 2022)
Bluegrass is a genre based on tradition and skills made to entertain in a humble way....

"Hey uncle what are you writing about"

"I´m writing about a branch of entertainment where men don´t have to curse and let their balls hang out and women don´t need plastic surgery to be recognized as musicians"

"Sorry I´m out"

Ok talking to the walls again:

“There’s a poison sickness in my heart and I don’t trust the ashes of my mind,”

This is it!
To cut it short these songs he has written are very good, very deep and magically pure.
This record, just like his friends Molly Tuttle´s last record give new directions to Bluegrass music.
Billy Strings played metal in his early teens but returned to acoustic bluegrass because it rooted him and kept him alive.

“I said, ‘I want to see what my parents are so into that they’re lost to me,’ so I tried meth,” he said — “with my mom,” (..) “Heroin, crack, pills: I stopped caring. I thought I would end up going down their bad road, anyway.”
“Music is the only thing that’s been good to me my entire life.”

fanatstic article here(

Musically Billy Strings and his band are a perfect match.
This record even offers cosmic jams like "Hide and Seek" and soulful songs like "In the Morning Light" and just classic country songs like "Fireline"
Springs is a great singer for his songs.
People who have seen him live describe that no record comes close to experiencing him live.
In case that´s true: He´s on tour and I hope he´s crossing the ocean one of these days.

For those who think all Bluegrass is racist here are Billy´s words: “I see racist crap all the time in bluegrass,”
He recorded with RMR making sure idiots are going to leave his fanbase.

His music is gold

(...And my next review will be about sth obscure and noisy again I promise)

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