The Last Poets - This Is Madness
Jun 18, 2021
As some of you are really into followers and numbers - well 111 (!!!) followers let me celebrate and throw some raw meat to the lions. Because raw meat this is:
Don´t read this if you´re easily offended

Under the Radar Pt 59 The roots of Afrocentric Rap

Street Poetry accompanied by percussions and some reverb/delay.

If you want to experience masculin black war-hoops in the streets of New York - Holy Anger and the Vision of Love (and sex) I recommend this early 70s record.
The raps/words/rhymes are the focus and the quality of this record (the beats are rudimentary handmade funky stuff) and it´s not for the faint hearted. In case you´re easily offended be aware because there´s not too much politeness in their words.
Black nationalism, black men´s supremacy over the sister that strayed from the righteous path, phantasies of anihilation that stuff is hard to take from todays point of view - yet this record and the lyrics are important from a historical point of listening.

There´d be no "Fear of a Black Planet" without those guys.

The chants as interludes are great as a condensed introduction into the stream of lyrics that follow these chants.

Black is / True Blues / Time / Opposites/ Bird lives are statements most of us won´t have trouble listening to today

This is Madness is the track I love the most still I don´t agree with parts of their agenda - but this energy is madness.

Besides the Black-Power-Ghetto-Existencialism you´ll find homophobia and sexism (fear of birth control and fear of black women in miniskirts)

Two examples of

a: still of relevance to me

"Black people, what y'all gon' do"

Black people, what y'all gon' do when you wake up and find that you're dead with maggots and roaches eating the pus out of your prostituted minds and white deathly hands massaging your hearts red-hot branding iron?
You're writing songs of love but not for me
They're writing songs of love but not for me
Here we are the employees of all love but yet we are working overtime to cover up our loneliness
John Coltrane died in vain of love supreme
John Coltrane died in vain of love supreme
Where are the low staccato screams of black unity?
John Coltrane died in vain of love supreme
Where are the higher octaves of righteousness and truth?
John Coltrane died in vain of love supreme
Where are the higher registers of peace and love?
John Coltrane died in vain
What are black people doing enough of that they shouldn't be doing?
Nothing, nothing, nothing
Black people what y'all gon' do
Will the real Black people please stand up?

b: Driving me nuts

"This is madness"

And he has turned the feminine part of me into a sexual freak
Look at her standing there wearing her micro-miniskirt
Made from the strands of Freud's mother's pubic hairs and her uncovered breasts
Dripping blood and pus and her lips colored with that anesthetic
White woman called Avon
And yet she smiles at me through the
Indignity of Bull Conner ejaculating sperm into her mind at night in
His wet dreams....
And Diana Ross, how can you be Supreme and sing songs of Black Love
When your mouth is overrunning with the sperm of Trigger?
And William Styron is going to commit suicide when he finds out
That Nat Turner made love to his great great grandmother
And he has taken our most violent and militant leaders and stuck lollipops up their ass to pacify their Black power farts
And he is beginning to assume that all of us were born under the sign Taurus the Bull, because all we do is BULLSHIT!

Two sides of this 70´s Zeitgeist

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