Gal Costa - Gal
Apr 11, 2021
Grown in the same humus as her other 1969 album Gal Costa - but this one is even wilder, crazier and with more drive. Psychedelic Brazil on it´s peak (at least for an old Kraut Fan like me)
Apr 11, 2021
The Tropicalia, Samba and MPB scene was totally amazing! Glad to read you on the subject my friend
Apr 11, 2021
@doublez thanks buddy, yes it is amazing as hell. I´m in a phase where I listen to obscure late 60s / early 70 s psychedelia (and other weird "revolutionary" music) - to find that popular brazilian music was so "far out" was a positive shock for me.... too good to be true
Apr 11, 2021
You have to enjoy it, honestly the "psychedelic" movements are my favorite musical styles! You must surely know them, but if you haven't done so, check out Os Mutantes' discography (especially the 68 and 70 albums) or else when I was younger I discovered an obscure and not necessarily incredible band called Grapefruit (same as the 68 album), it's quite fun to listen to !
To come back to Brazilian music, from 1958 to the end of the 70's there are many things so wonderful, it was also a shock for me to discover how different and so great it was
Apr 11, 2021
@doublez thank´s for the Grapefruit hint I´ll check them out (also you guessed right concerning Os Mutantes)
Apr 11, 2021
You're welcome, my friend! Can't wait to see the ratings and writings you'll do on the famous psychedelic albums you explore!
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Gal Costa - Gal Costa
Apr 8, 2021
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