Kid Creole & The Coconuts - Tropical Gangsters
That´s the way we liked it baby, we did not want to live forever.
Neil Young - Chrome Dreams
So-called excavated treasures have often remained buried for decades, and rightly so.
In the case of Chrome Dreams, however, I wonder how this LP could not be released and American Stars and Bars came out instead. Cocaine, after all, often does some pretty fucked up things to brains. I'm certainly not the benchmark as far as my Neil Young taste is concerned. Harvest for example I don't like that much. Rust Never Sleeps / Tonight's the Night / After The Goldrush are for me his masterpieces and ... read more
Jason Aldean - Try That in a Small Town
He milks the udders of the hate industry.
Ignorance / Holy Wrath / Bloodlust
Stand your ground garden gnome
Amaarae - Fountain Baby
a bit repetitive, not sure how it will age, but pretty impressive at the moment
Getatchew Mekurya & The Ex - Moa Anbessa
fusion Jazz :)
Nooo, not the often boring fusion of dad rock meets jazz virtuosos.
Here there´s african voicings in a saxophone sound that knows Pharoah inside out. There could have been a collision with the EX´ anarcho punk shreddings in stead they offer a vibrand agressive texture that leeds to a new sound of angry beauty.
Highly recommended
Iggy Pop & James Williamson - Kill City
Very Stones for Iggy but contains one of his best songs : Johanna
and some really good ones
John Hardens Saxophone is gorgeous
The Stooges - Raw Power [Iggy Remix]
Welcome to a brandnew nightmare 2023 Edit

This record has been one of my all time favorites since I bought it in my teens.
The Bowie mix was somehow muddy but the energy was still great.
This remix shows lots of small details that got lost in Bowies wall of sound. The synth in Penetration, the acousticguitars in Gimme Danger and I Need Somebody and most of all Iggy´s vocals that sound far superiour and detailed.
I can´t tell wether this is of any importance for new listeners but ... read more

Joni Mitchell - Blue
This is just a masterpiece of naked truth.
Out of all those wonderful songs some literally changed my view on being here.
Blue / A Case Of You / Little Green / The Last time I Saw Richard

Imagine : she recorded this record during the same time in the same studios Carole King recorded Tapestry
All loas were in one place to give birth to these miracles

Marlene Ribeiro - Toquei no Sol
This review is for the vinyl (the spotify stream sounds quite flat)
being a fanboy of Marlene Ribeiro´s bassplaying in GNOD´s Wall of Sound this record could have taken me by surprise. But she already recorded with Hannah Ashcroft releasing wonderful melodic (yet dark) gems of post wave.
This record drifts even further away from her previous work. Found footage recordings, dub echoes, dreamlike female choirs (her own overdubbed voice I guess) and her grandmother´s voice ... read more
Tina Turner - Tina Turns the Country On!
In my opinion one of the better soul/country crossover albums.
Turner is especially captivating on some deep slow tracks. Strange enough this one never was released on cd and is as far as I know not availabe for streaming.
A quite consistent and great record
Morgen - Morgen
Hidden gem of '60s psychedelia or manically inflated stoner ego?

Wikipedia says: this "is considered one of the best heavy American psychedelic rock albums of the 1960s."
I say: a spectacular failure of fashion and desperation.

Production-wise it's a debacle, drums that sound like they recorded a sack of potatoes falling down the basement stairs, a singer whose voice is far too often in the foreground and who overdrives the Shure mic's diaphragm when he screams, a guitar sound with ... read more

Linda Lewis - Say No More
Since she passed away last night (Wednesday, 5/4/2013) and I've already mentioned her fantastic record Lark, I'd like to review another one....
This predecessor to Lark is a bit unbalanced.
Nonetheless, it's an enjoyable soul/folk record with the fantastic Come Along People, For Mama and I Dunno.
I'll listen to the rest of her dicography since her voice is so unique, and maybe I'll find some other hidden gems.
The Beatles - Revolver
Taxman 90 / Eleanor Rigby 110 / I´m Only Sleeping 120 / Love You Too 40 / Here, There and Everywhere 90 / Yellow Submarine 115 / She Said She Said 100 / Good Day Sunshine 90 / And Your Bird Can Sing 110 / For No One 155 / Dr Robert 90 / I Want to Tell You 90 / Got To Get You Into My Life 100 / Tomorrow Never Knows 100

1400/14 = 100

@doublez says it all and then some

Susanne Sundfør - blómi
And when heart, heart is open
You will change just like a flower slowly openin'
When there's no comin'
And there's no goin '
(Van M.)

A sicerely perfect record

You know the moment you stop doing what you´re doing because beauty sucks you in.
This record is not a revolution of sound but an evolution of soul-music in a literal sense.
I hesitate to mention favorite songs because this record is an experience as a whole.

PS Never did a female singer remind me so much of Rufus Wainwright

Willie Nelson - Phases and Stages
I´m always willing to listen to divorce albums, the same with songs written by guys from a womans pespective or vice versa.
Walking Wounded, Warehouse: Songs and Stories- or- Here, my Dear -or songs like- Angel From Montgomery.. you might get the picture.
Here Willie composed both a divorce record and one side (A) narrated from the woman´s perspective.
What should I say, what a great Country record and what a great Willie Nelson record.
Excellent recording as well, the icing on the ... read more
Adriana Calcanhotto - A Fábrica do Poema
Beautiful, unique pop music in the footsteps of Brazil's greatest female singers. The use of baroque pop instruments and capoeira rattles, accompanied by Adriana's gentle voice, makes for a surprisingly intense listening experience. Imagine if the Beatles had entered the 90s with Gal Costa on the microphone, together with a really good rhythm section.
Mark Stewart - Metatron
It's shocking how almost unnoticed one of the great shamanistic maniacs of the 80s/90s passed away a few days ago.
His work with Popgroup and solo work with Adrian Sherwood/Keith LeBlanc/Doug Wimbish/Skip McDonald made him one of my biggest influences.
Actually, I can't rate his music (even though I have) because no one has ever walked the same path as him.
He can't really sing and he's the best singer for this paranoid deconstructed DubMetalTechno
His band is made up of boring studio ... read more
Dorthia Cottrell - Dorthia Cottrell
Dark Folk and Country by a unique voice.
This music is so rich in its focus on Cortrell´s vocals accompanied by slow guitar picking and a reduced side dish of lapsteel, rare noisy guitar feedbacks and harmony vocals. Most of this record is pure gold...her cover of Gram Parson´s A Song For You is magical and grabs me even more than the original.
Depeche Mode - Memento Mori
Their most consistent album since Violator .
A triumph of artificial intelligence?
I'm undecided.
Barbara Dane & Lightning Hopkins - Sometimes I Believe She Loves Me
Excellent Blues/Drone Blues record. The chemistry between Dane and Lightning is prime ear-candy
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