Ameer Vann - Emmanuel
Sep 17, 2019 (updated Sep 18, 2019)
I like ameer on the saturation trilogy, even if he is very repetitive lyrically and flow-wise. I don't have a bias when it comes to his music, even if i dislike him as a person for hos awful actions. I was going into this hoping for a good album with ncie production and interesting topical lyrics, but this is not at all what i got from this. Instead we see Ameer playing victim and jerking himself off for 16 minutes hoping for sympathy, which he is getting based on these reviews it seems. Now, let me talk about why i dislike this album so much:

This fucking sucks, all the songs say the exact same thing, has no interesting flows, no change up in inflection.

The beats are so fucking generic. Trap drums and 808

Lyrics: I do drugs and now im trippin now, pop screw on my side now, got alot of demons, alot of regrets, i take drugs i take drugs i take drugs

contender for worst album of the year for me. I didnt like a single song oh my god its so bad dude.

Here are some lyrics that are almost just copy paste:
"You don't wanna see me without my medication
I got bottles of pills that keep me from goin' crazy
I keep smokin' and drinkin', nigga, I'm still sedated
I try to hold it together, really, I'm slippin' lately
Trippin' harder than ever, got me hallucinatin'"

"I'm gettin' high, I smoke inside of the elevator
I took all of this acid, got me disintegratin'
Now my vision is meltin', really, I feel it fadin'"

"Blunt guts, weed crumbs, stick it to the dash"

" don't feel alone 'cause the drugs are my friends
Just took another, I'll be gone for a min'
Bought by the ounce, to the gram it depends
Nigga, I be floatin' off the ground, off of this"

"I brought my pain and my demons with me
I say a prayer, hope the lord forgive me
I took a pill and I hope I feel it"

"Smoke ain't even hit the ceiling yet
Only hopin' that I fade away"

"I took one, I need a couple more
I need God, I need holy ghost
I need somethin', give me comatose
My depression what I love the most"

Want more? these lyrics are so uninspired man we heard this 30 times in stauration era BH already
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Sep 17, 2019
Sep 17, 2019
hoes mad
Sep 17, 2019
tell me why its good then? what makes any of these songs stand out from each other or from any of his earlier work and verses? it's not even that i'm biased, i wanted this to be good. i think its cringey that he lays victim so hard when he knows his fans left are stans that will just look past his awful habits and actions
Sep 17, 2019
Bruh have your own opinion but when u dissing others for liking the ep that's a fat L
Sep 17, 2019
Like chill out bro why u so mad
Sep 17, 2019
bruh fat L for dissing others for having their own opinion
Sep 17, 2019
"i don't have a bias"
Sep 17, 2019
I strongly disagree. I totally get why people would dislike this EP, especially if they never found Ameer to be interesting or expected more. I was actually quite impressed. Ameer's flow and delivery was hard-hitting and interesting (plus, I really liked his other solo stuff). I went in expecting sharp performances, and I think he totally delivers.

Sep 17, 2019
Don't get yourself caught up with the user score and other people's opinions. It's not like this album having a 70+ user score means anything important at the end of the day.
Sep 18, 2019
Dude let people like the music. People are not doing anything to you, chill out
Sep 18, 2019
like it if you like it, i just think people are too caught up in liking ameer and missing him to look past this album being very bland and basic ameer. thanks for actualyl replying normally @inglume
Sep 18, 2019
Sep 20, 2019
"like it if you like it" you're attacking other people that like it. People can like albums for different reasons, so you can either accept that some people like it or do what you have been doing and diss everyone that liked it
Sep 22, 2019
you want some soylent with that
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