Melanie Martinez - K-12
Sep 6, 2019
Why do people hate this album? I mean, I like most pop albums that people don't like but, I was expecting this to have a 65 or 70 user score, not 59. And some people are giving this a 0. Anyway, I'm gonna split this review up into two parts. The film and the album. I know this isn't a film reviewing website, but it's part of the album.

The film:

Can we talk about how she put the entire movie FOR FREE onto youtube with no ads? I get how people can not like this movie but, you gotta appreciate her doing that. Anyway, I didn't go to the theaters to watch this movie, I just watched the premiere on youtube. I was really happy it wasn't just music and there was some acting here too. And her acting was pretty good! It wasn't anything amazing but, she did do a really good job of writing and directing the whole film. The storyline was a little weird. The whole thing where they had to destroy the school was... odd but, I'm not saying it was a bad storyline. It was very creative and original.

The album:

I'm really glad this album was good because I remember tweeting about how I got tickets for her concert and, I was scared if the album was bad and I just spent money on a concert with really bad music so, I'm glad it's good. I enjoy the production on this album and that's what people are hating on the most. It had this trap/r&b influence to it, were as Crybaby had a pop theme to it. Some of the lyrics on this album don't make much sense until you watch the movie. Especially with Wheels on the Bus and Class Fight. Also, High School Sweethearts might be one of the best songs of the year. The intro, the chorus, everything about that song is amazing. Some of the songs sound weird when the part of the song she released as a snippet kept playing. I'm just so used to listening to the snippets, I need to listen to the full songs now.
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Sep 7, 2019
I thought it all sounded well. I feel like people dislike her for little to no reason. Like one of the reviews on here only came to post negativity and nothing about her album. It's sad.
Sep 7, 2019
About the movie: search for Fantastic Realism/Magic Realism. It's like an art "category". I studied performing arts for 3 years and studied this. Yeah, it always intends to be a "randomly crazy" form of art. And sadly, most of the people has a hate out of nowhere towards Melanie, so block their minds to be truly open for her music and art. I'm glad you liked and gonna see her live!
Sep 7, 2019
FrankWelch I would agree that she wrote this narrative within the vein of fantasy realism/magic realism. Especially with the latter in the film portion of the album. All the scenes with Crybaby and her friends using their “powers”. The story wasn’t always straightforward, but it was enjoyable and gorgeous to admire. The production values are there. Also, her lyrical writing has really grown from the last album. The juxtaposition of themes and presentation feels more effortless and feel cohesive.
Sep 10, 2019
It's great that she released her movie on to Youtube with no cost. I'm sure that it made more of her underage viewers without access to a credit card able to see it. On the other hand, this album is point-blank boring- instrument-wise, lyric-wise. Once you get past the first verse, you're let with "jerk-me-off-look-what-I'm-singing-about" without any meaningful change-up.
If you need a movie to justify your album, you aren't a musician. You're an aesthetic hack.
Sep 11, 2019
@Ugh I will say that instrumentally it feels uninspired (very in the vein of Lorde and Lana Del Rey) but to say the lyrics are boring is somewhat disagreeable; it definitely explores concepts and themes of growing up and adult situations through that lens of her experiences. I found it to be interesting, the darker lyrics at play here, nothing mind blowing but definitely not boring.
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