The Weeknd - After Hours
Mar 20, 2020
Before getting into this album, (basically along with everyone else) I listened to his entire discography. And I was very impressed. His best album in my opinion is Kiss Land, and judging by the singles for this album I had my suspicions that it would top it. And after listening to the album, I think it might have done that. The first single, Heartless, took a while to grow on me. At first I didn't like it at all. The mixing of the beat on the chorus sounded awful, and it was overall just a bland song, but the more I heard it the more I became obsessed with it. His vocals are so good, and the production is so nice sounding. Well, except for the beat in the chorus. But even that grew on me too! It took a while for me to get over it, but now I kind of just ignore it. Then Blinding Lights came out. It had a whole different sound from Heartless, and it was definitely much better than Heartless. His vocals sounded amazing, the production sounded beautiful, and it seemed like he was taking a whole different sound to this album compared to his other works. And yeah, I dont have anything else to say about Blinding Lights other than it's just a beautiful song. I was excited for the album to sound more like this, and then After Hours came out (the single, not the album). It had, once again, a completely different sound than the other 2 singles. It sounded like something from Trilogy, it has that electronic sound to it. But, I wasn't too impressed by it. It dragged out for a bit too long, and The Weeknd is known for making great long songs but something about this one just didn't feel right. The overall quality of it was really... distorted and odd, and I didn't really know how i felt about it. It does sound better on the album, and it did grow on me a lot. All these singles made me very hyped for the album, and he did not disappoint. The first track already is amazing. It has that electronic sound to it like the title track does, but it sounds so much cleaner production wise. An amazing opener, but it could've been better if he wasn't mumbling on this track. It ruined the song, and it would've been so much better if he just sang it normally. The next track, Too Late continues that pattern of mumbling, and its starting to get really annoying. I'm glad he didnt do that for the entire album or it would've gotten a much lower score. So far, these songs have been not what I had expected. It seemed like this album was gonna be a mixed bag, but at the same time these songs sound kind of similar. The next few songs are great, nothing really worth talking about, but the track Faith, is probably my favourite track. The beginning half has some of his best vocals, and on top of that is the gorgeous production. But that outro, holy shit. One of the most beautiful things I've ever listened to. It's my favourite part of the entire album. I was really upset when I heard the song before Heartless just fade away, because Heartless sounds like one of those songs at the beginning that would flow, but instead the track before it just faded away and then just out of place Heartless starts playing! It sounds so out of place, and it wouldn't be that hard to just make it flow! That was probably the first thing that I thought of when I heard Heartless for the first time. Anyways, moving on to the interlude Repeat After Me. It features production from Oneohtrix Point Never, which really surprised me for some reason. Oneohtrix performed with him on SNL, and they both worked together in Uncut Gems, but idk it really surprised me. Oneohtrix did a really good job on this song though, I'm really glad this is 3 minutes and not like a typical interlude (being 1-2 minutes long) because this is actually one of my top songs on the album. Overall, was it worth the hype? Yes. Probably my second favourite album of his (yes, after thinking about it for a while, this doesn't beat Kiss Land). But this is still an amazing album. Definitely gonna be one of my favourites of the year, or even decade.

Favourite tracks: Alone Again, Too Late, Hardest To Love, Snowchild, Heartless, Faith, In Your Eyes, Blinding Lights, Repeat After Me, After Hours
Least favourite track: Escape From LA
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