Fall Out Boy - M A N I A
Dec 13, 2021
y'know what, i don't hate this. the very overdramatic electropop pop-rock sound is very hit or miss for me, i love imagine dragons and their most overdramatic album Evolve is my favorite of theirs, but goddamn this album does not wanna go away from that sound! this is just hard-hitting song after hard-hitting song. by like the fourth track i was already exhausted, and then fucking CHURCH came on. like i don't think any of these songs slow down, if there were like a few slow songs and maybe 1 piano ballad this would've been much better. but i will say, when the overdramatic sound works it works amazingly. the first two tracks Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea (great name) and The Last of the Real Ones are bangers, they're like a weird mix of M83 and the chainsmokers. the chorus on Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea is so awful i love it so much. are you smelling that shit? eau de résistance fr!!!!!!!!!!! on the other hand, Young and Menace is one of the worst songs i've heard in a while. their idea of this song was like "let's make this the most insane song possible" and it did work but the way they did sounds awful! aaaaa my ears! the pitched-up vocals with the most AJR-sounding no bass beat (love u AJR but this is a big problem with your music) that is just so aggravating on my ears awhahgagheiuheho5uh30e5yj/ overall this is one big mess of an album that i can't help but somewhat enjoy to an extent somewhat to an extent. great fast music for people who run fast (sonic)

favorite tracks: Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea, The Last of the Real Ones, Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)
least favorite track: Young and Menace

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