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okcomputer12127 -
Around a year ago, noise rap trio Clipping trio would their 4th album ‘There Existed an Addiction to Blood’ which had perfect timing being released right about a week from Halloween. For any experimental music lover it was basically their go-to soundtrack for Halloween (including myself). But if you told me they would be releasing another album next year around the same length, I would have never believed you. Here we are.

I’ve heard many people making analogies to this ... read more

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okcomputer12127 -
This is Soccer Mommy’s Kid A.

Soccer Mommy has been around making music since the mid 2010’s, but only just started to get attention with her 3rd album Clean. Honestly, I wasn’t really excited for this album until a couple of days ago, until I saw the reception that it was getting by critics. And yes, it was worth the hype. I think one of the reasons I love it is that: it sounds a lot like Taylor Swift’s Red, this dreamy (at some times) atmosphere, but also filled with ... read more
okcomputer12127 -
This is the worst album of the year. Green Day’s album is anything but punk rock, let’s be honest, it’s sounds more like pop. This is some of the worst songs I have heard in years. It was painful to listen to this album, it was that bad. Green Day have proved one thing: not a political statement, not a musical statement, but that they really need to retire. ‘Father of All Motherfuckers’ sounds like The Jonas Brothers, seriously. This song is very pitchy, and has a ... read more
okcomputer12127 -
Swans were harmed in the making of this album

Björk, in the last couple of years, has become one of my favorite singers ever. Her brilliant, outstanding, thought-provoking, and genre-bending music makes me come back for more every time. While Homogenic is innovative and powerful, Vespertine sees herself at her most sexiest, vulnerable, experimenting with more ambient/lo-fi sounds instead of going down a more trip-hop route. This is her most personal, emotional, in-depth album. It's ... read more
okcomputer12127 -
fka twigs more like rip wig

It has been 3 whole years since FKA Twigs has given us any new music, leaving us with the out of control, futuristic M3LL155X, which was definitely her best work. But Magdalene comes out and it is like the 21st century Homogenic. Both are innovative, beautiful, and have great production. Anyway, the first song 'thousand eyes' is such an impressive opener for this album, it's very peaceful at some parts and get all the way to rock-bottom in some parts. It sounds like ... read more
okcomputer12127 -
what is going on Kanye?

Kanye West is one of the most polarizing figures of the 21st century so far, when he announced a couple weeks back that he would say that he would stop making non- secular music, that's when I started to really worry about the album. First of all, the damn title, his albums always have iconic titles like My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy or Yeezus or The College Dropout. This just sounds like a Luke Bryan or Blake Shelton album title. Let's be honest this is his 'The ... read more
Nov 26, 2020
thanks for the reply, you've been added :)
Nov 25, 2020
Hi Lolly from Animal Crossing aka okcomputer12127, I'm making a list of the most disappointing album releases of 2020, if you want to participate, hmu! :))
Nov 21, 2020
I just thought that no one would bother to hear that track considering i wasn’t promoting it besides making this post so i just cleaned up my feed deleting it
Nov 21, 2020
Well, you mean why it was that bad or why i deleted my post?
Nov 19, 2020
love your pfp!!! i currently have lolly in my acnl town! also happy to see someone else who loves ok computer so much ^_^
Nov 19, 2020
Thanks for the response, you've been added!
Nov 18, 2020
Hey, what do you think the most over hated album of 2020 is? (for a list)
Nov 17, 2020
Rate Toasterqueen12 100s you little catty boi
Nov 17, 2020
Yessss finally😇🥰
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