Nov 8, 2019 (updated Nov 8, 2019)
fka twigs more like rip wig

It has been 3 whole years since FKA Twigs has given us any new music, leaving us with the out of control, futuristic M3LL155X, which was definitely her best work. But Magdalene comes out and it is like the 21st century Homogenic. Both are innovative, beautiful, and have great production. Anyway, the first song 'thousand eyes' is such an impressive opener for this album, it's very peaceful at some parts and get all the way to rock-bottom in some parts. It sounds like something that would be made in the future, which I think could be said about all of the other songs on this album. 'home with you' is hands-down the best song on the album. The song is pretty so-so in the beginning in the first part, but then the last part is one of the most stunning moments on this album, taking influences from Kate Bush to Radiohead, an incredible moment on the album, probably (at this point) the best song she has ever made. 'sad day' is also very inspired by Kate Bush, but also sounds like she's taking influences like C418 and some of the newer work by Aphex Twin, though at some parts it gets pretty repetitive; "would you make a make a wish on my love ohhhhh". 'holy terrain' is way too over-hated. I actually like this 'generic trap direction', the vocals are innocent and touching, and I actually like the feature on this song: Future. 'mary magdalene' is one of the best written songs on the whole entire albums, reminds me of Medulla or Volta by Björk. The sounds in the background are very industrial and minimalist, which make the song better than it already was. 'fallen alien' is like Aphex Twin was tripping on LSD, this song is intricate, crisp, and she sure sounds like Björk. Also it sounds like Yeezus in some ways, like the kids distorted singing. Also the song is about trust issues, probably about Robert Pattinson (her ex-boyfriend), most of the songs on this album are about Robert, but this the most notable song about him. 'mirrored heart' is very explosive but it also very tiring and boring at the same time. But it does have incredible lyrics, have to admit, but the beats are so-so, which was pretty surprising tbh. 'daybed' is also another song that drags but also has incredible songwriting which makes the last 2 songs so good, the lyrics are so vivid, full of emotion, detail. and effort, the lo-fi beats at the end of the song are also a really good part. 'cellophane' is the last song on the album, an amazing conclusion. atmospheric. beautiful. stunning. vivid. stellar. Everything I want in a song is here. The song is just so damn beautiful, it's about her being finally happy and just not giving a fuck anymore, which makes me interested in what she will make next.

fav tracks: thousand eyes, home with you, holy terrain, mary magdalene, fallen alien, cellophane, daybed, sad day

least fav track: mirrored heart
Nov 9, 2019
I've lost count on how many times I've seen this on my feed, lol.
Nov 11, 2019
ok computer be like : hm today a good day to delete score and add again
Dec 16, 2019
Hi, just letting you know that there is an asshole plagiarizing a bunch of reviews from aoty:
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