Melanie Martinez - K-12
Sep 6, 2019 (updated Sep 8, 2019)
Going into this album, I didn't have really any high expectations for this album. And what I got was this bland album, that seem like Crybaby B-Sides. I mean the album has no real concept besides how they pick the titles, which the track listing doesn't even feel right. One of the good things that came out of the album was that (just like LDR) she isn't trying to sound like Billie Eyelash, she at least sounds like Melanie Martinez. With this new album, besides for writing and directing a whole god-damn movie, there seems to be no change in her sound. It really does sound a lot like her debut album Crybaby. The only song that I really liked was the 2nd song 'Class Fight', which isn't even that great, now thinking about it, it's pretty average. Every other song just feels so blah, like it was pointless, I feel absolutely nothing listening to it. So then I decided to watch the movie, because I was sort of hyped for that, but the movie was so, so bad! The acting and the writing were absolutely horrendous. Probably one of the worst movies I have seen this year. If I would pick out of the numerous bad songs on this album, it would be 'Strawberry Shortcake' which is Melanie trying to approach to an even younger fanbase, with this bubbly, happy atmosphere, which feels a little bit strange, since the concept is about trying to get out of a school who is trying to brainwash them. But Mid-way through the album she brings this, which is hilarious, I mean this happened after 'Nurse's Office' and 'Drama Club' which are like the turning point of the story, when it could have fitted in the first 3 songs. Why did I waste my time on this album? Please don't listen to this album, it really worth your valuable time.

Fav Tracks: Class Fight and Wheels on the Bus

Least Fav Tracks: Show & Tell, Strawberry Shortcake, Detention

Edit 1: Now, I do think it's unfair for Stans to just give this album 10/10 and never come back to the site, fellow users are attacking users for giving the album a pretty positive review and score, like @oh and @goncalocuoto, which I think is really wrong, and it makes our community look toxic. And now people are giving this album a 0/10, which is just as wrong as just giving it a 10/10. It really disappoints me. Even though I do think this album is pretty bad, I do not think users should give the album a 0/10, nor should Stans give the album a 10/10 for no reason. Unless, you have a really solid reason of course, but other than that, please stop spreading hate, and making our community look toxic, cause that's not who we are.
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May 8, 2020
well stans have a good reason to like the album because they love her style and they truly understand her message lmao k-12 slaps it
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