JPEGMAFIA - All My Heroes Are Cornballs
Sep 13, 2019 (updated Nov 17, 2019)
JPEGMAFIA's 4th album is the most mind-blowing, horrifying, beautiful albums of the year. Do not expect this to sound like Veteran, or else you will be extremely disappointed, it's an entirely new sound for Peggy. The first song 'Jesus Forgive Me, I'm A Thot' at first was sort of average to me, but listening to it over and over until the album released, I finally started to enjoy the song, and is now one of my favorite songs on the album. 'Kenan vs. Kel' is this very beautiful lo-fi rap song, that is very calm and peaceful. Then there's 'Beta Male Strategies', which is one of his most outstanding songs to date, it's so complex and abstract. I was pretty shocked when I first heard this song, to be honest. 'JPEGMAFIA TYPE BEAT' sounds like a song Death Grips would put on 'NO LOVE DEEP WEB'. I am pretty sure, correct me if I'm wrong, Injury Reserve worked with Peggy on this song. This was a pretty good collaboration by them, I really hope to see more Injury Reserve x JPEGMAFIA songs in the future. 'Grimy Waifu' sounds like he is taking notes from Tyler, the Creator's 'Flower Boy'. 'PTSD' is probably the only song that even sounds a little bit like 'Veteran'. But it still features elements from his 'new sound'. I love the glitches a lot in the song, also, I think it adds a great touch to the song. 'Rap Grow Old & Die X No Child Left Behind' is one of the weaker songs on the album, it's pretty whiny and moany, but that's my only problem with the song, other than that, I'm fine with it. 'All My Heroes are Cornballs' is one of the most confusing and puzzling songs on the album, but I love it, still. Also I LOVE how he's incorporating auto-tune into a lot of the songs on the album. 'Bbw' has some pretty beautiful ambients and instrumentation, also his rapping is top-notch on this song. 'Prone!' is this crazy song, I have one question tho, why do the vocals sound like Tekashi 6ix9ine? 'Life's Hard, Here's a Song about Sorrel', is this very distorted that sounds like a mix of Merzbow, GY!BE, and Justin Bieber. It one of his most.. interesting cuts off of the album. Also the lyrics are pretty dark, almost Daniel Johnston dark. 'Thot Tactics' is another one of those relaxing and calm songs but he still hits hard with his rap verses. 'Free the Frail' is one of the best songs I have heard this year, I was tearing up, just because of the plain beauty of this song. I am shocked how Peggy turned from this person who made songs that sounds like something Death Grips would make, to maybe what Radiohead or Tyler, the Creator would make, in under a year and a half. 'Post Verified Freestyle' sounds like a mix of a lot of samples combined into a song: Some random ballad, high-pitched Alvin and The Chipmunks, and some call/voice memo from someone Peggy know, this is what I am assuming, but who cares, this is some next level shit right here, I absolutely love it. 'BasicBitchTearGas' is probably the weakest song on the album, I mean if you think an 4/5 can qualify as weak. Also why Peggy singing 'Scrubs' by TLC. Peggy, you in the wrong song. Dots Freestyle Remix sounds like a collaboration with C418 (you know that person who made those amazing Minecraft soundtracks), it's this song with beautiful song, with beautiful ambients, beautiful lyrics, and beautiful vocals all wrapped together in one song. 'Buttermik Jesus Type Beat' has some pretty strange lyrics and the instrumentation is sort of eerie. And the last song is 'Papi I Missed U' which is an amazing song that makes me wish this album wasn't over. This album is an experience that can not be replaced. This is what music should be.

Fav Tracks: Jesus Forgive Me I'm A Thot, Kenan vs. Kel, Beta Male Strategies, JPEGMAFIA Type Beat, Grimy Waifu, Ptsd, All my Heroes are Cornballs, Btw, Prone!, Life's hard Here's a song about Sorrel, Thot Tactics, Free The Frail, Post Verified Lifestyle, Buttermilk Jesus type Beat, Papi I Missed U

Least Fav Tracks: Rap Grow Old & Die X No Child Left Behind and BasicBitchTearGas


edit 1: Ehh.... It doesn't really have the effect on me like it used to. Most of the songs that I loved on this album now i hate, sure some songs have sticked with me and I still think are as incredible as they were when I first listened to it. It's good, I guess?????
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