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I like music a bit I guess... 100 perfect 90-99 wow I might cry 80-89 straight bangers 70-79 great 60-69 good 50-59 meh 40-49 pathetic 30-39 bad 20-29 superbad 10-19 absolute garbage 0-9 beat me over the head with a tire iron
Milwaukie, Oregon
I'm exploring a new rating scheme that is based upon 5 stars where each star is equal to 20 points. The total points are accumulated and subsequently divided by the total number of tracks to arrive at an aggregate score for an album being rated. Simple? daFigz votes yes!
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Sólo me cree una cuenta aquí para hacerme el "crítico" y dejar reflejado mi gusto musical. Mi sistema de calificación: 100: Perfección en su estado puro 90-99: Casi perfecto 80-89: Excelente 70-79: ¡Está muy bien! 60-69: Está bien 50-59: Ni tan bien ni tan mal 40-49: Genérico, pero tampoco es para tanto 30-39: Sólo es malo y ya 20-29: Tan malo que es bueno de manera irónica 10-19: No es bueno ni siquiera irónicamente 0-9: "Es la Meca de la irreverencia"
United Kingdom
Hi, I'm just a 25 year old man who loves discovering new music. Throughout 2020 I'm going to try and listen to as much new music as I can from my favourite genres and rate them,with the occasional review. My favourite genres,and the types of albums I'll be rating the most are: -Metal (And its many sub genres) -Punk -Hip-Hop And remember,all ratings are based off of opinion,just because you like something doesn't mean everyone else will,and vice versa.
NSW, Australia
Baltimore, MD
a lover of music. I’ll try not to hurt your feelings mwah.
i vote music based on its production, tune, rhythm, atmosphere, catchiness, replay value etc. and i usually disregard lyrics unless they're that good or bad.
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Currently in the process of learning how to make words sound good when paired with other words
picrew moment 😳
trying to restart my aoty shit because i hate my old reviews on my other account. will make an effort to not make shitty 1 sentence joke reviews. she/her 7\
Strawberry fields
18 Years old music lover (I basically only listen to old music like Bowie, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, etc.) Here's my shitty rating system: 100 = Fucking masterpiece 90-99 = Fucking Amazing 80-89 = great 70-79 = Good / Very Good 69 = Nice 60-68 = good 50-59 = Meh not bad i guess 40-49 = bad 30-39 = fucking awful 20-29 = wtf is this shit ? 1-19 = Literally unlistenable 0 = K-pop 😎👌👏👏
Bologna, Italy
Socc'mel state of mind
Do you have a permit for this location?
I have a tendency to focus on albums i really like, any album i don't probably just isn't for me and so my comments would probably be coming from a place of ignorance I'm not actually a dog... just so you know
epic lord
m.A.A.d city
just a guy who finds joy in discovering new music and expressing my opinions on it...
Just remember ALL CAPS when you spell the man name

Former music, film columnist Kent Wired (voted #1 college publication in U.S.) / Documentarian & Filmmaker / DJ Radio Host / Writer / Multiple BA Follow on Twitter (62+ considered good, 46- don't bother listening).
Nails I like Nails The band of course finger nails are gross
100 = GOAT 94 - 99 = my favorite albums 89 - 93 = important albums 84 - 88 = really good albums 75 - 83 = pretty good albums 70 - 74 = good albums 60 - 69 = ok albums 50 - 59 = meh.. albums 40 - 49 = girl- i- less than 40 = mediocre
hey! i'm Pipo, from brazil. i really like alt-rock but i do enjoy some other genres too. my fav band is Radiohead, and i have a lot of their CD's, lmfao ============================ 100 - absolute masterpiece <33 90-99 - amazing! 80-89 - very solid! 70-79 - alright/pretty good 60-69 - meh... 50-59 - mediocre 40-49 - pretty damn mediocre. 30-39 - very weak. 20-29 - really bad. 10-19 - horrible. 0-9 - why does this exist?
I kind of have a rating system now 90+ - I love this thing and will get into fights because of it. 80-89 - Good Stuff. 65-79 - It's ok I guess, but it could be better. 50-65 - It doesn't suck, but it's not good either. 0-49 - This Sucks.

Shit goes hard or it does not. That is the only truth.
Brasília, Brazil
100 - fav 95-99 - perfect
turned 18 and realized I know nothing about nothing most of my reviews are gonna be between 60-80 'cause I'll only listen to albums that are "trending" or are getting good reviews already or I'm already a fan of the band
We live inside a dream.
English is not my native language so please forgive me about any mistake Thanks ;)
I’m Jacks friend. THIS IS NOT A BOT, I’m his friend, Aiden Woods. I’m back in guys!!! I forgot why I got banned. Yes if you didn’t know, I got banned. I really love music. And I want to share my love of music.
Jack, partaker of the musics
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Brother of @KengojiUltamYT
Hey! I'm LZ and I love music. That's pretty much all you need to know.
the building in don't bend ascend
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Providence, Rhode Island
College student at Brown University. Just like to chat about music. Link to my music podcast below, it's called "me reviewing music," pretty simple.
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Live with authenticity to yourself, every second of the day. Send me recommendations that’s not metal, noise rock, or gangsta rap
New Jersey
Spider-Man/Venom stan|90: Amazing 80: Great 70: Good 60: Decent 50: Mediocre 40: Not Good 30: Bad 20: Awful 10: Terrible 9 and below: Garbage
New Orleans
100 = perfect 91-99 = levels of greatness 90 = good stuff 80-89 = worthy of an extended listen 70-79 = good song or two 50-69 = thanks but ... under 50 = no thanks I rate high most of the time. Strong preference for small labels and indies, tend not to rate major label and mainstream stuff unless forced upon me, then look out. Top 100+ Songs of 2019 (in progress):
Wherever the closest source of good music is.
The fact that albums with the potential to be my all time favorite will undoubtedly come out after I die is a thought that's kept me up at night. - Some Random Comment on youtube 100 = Perfect 90 = Amazing 80 = Great 70 = Good 60 = Decent 50 = Mixed 40 = Could Be worse 30 = Bad 20 = Really Bad 10 = Horrible 0 = I ran out of adjectives. I edit my reviews all the time because my opinions change every 2 seconds.
Not much to see here, just a place to keep track of music I've listened to (and mostly enjoyed).
Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, Earth, I think
👋 Just casually rating all the albums I've heard :) Doing a few short reviews here and there too for new releases ... Also plz check out my website cause it's epic Spotify:
Below The Heavens
Go Follow My Album Reviewing Page On IG @Albumreviews2020_ 100 = Perfect (In my eyes at least) 99-90 = Amazing 89-80 = Great 79-70 = Good 69-60 = The album is ok 59-50 = Really average or mediocre 49-40 = Not good 39-30 = Straight up bad 29-20 = Awful 19-10 = Terrible 09-00 = Unlistenable.

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