the greatest band of all time
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20 albums I like
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what the title says /mu/core: 1-14 Sub-/mu/core: 15-110 Classics: 111-241 Hip Hop: 242-
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avg: 81.3/10
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average: 7.1/10
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An Icelandic Queen avg: 89.2222222222/10
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chamber pop aoty musician
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not every year has an upset
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hype avg: 8.1/10
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avg: 90.3333333333/10
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avg: 8/10
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my music teacher thought it was a rip off of talking heads. so james murphy snatched her wig and then 2-d, noodle, Murdoc and big drum boi and Hey Ya shake it like polaroid picture man came in and ...
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