AOTY 2019
Nov 24, 2019*
Swans were harmed in the making of this album

Björk, in the last couple of years, has become one of my favorite singers ever. Her brilliant, outstanding, thought-provoking, and genre-bending music makes me come back for more every time. While Homogenic is innovative and powerful, Vespertine sees herself at her most sexiest, vulnerable, experimenting with more ambient/lo-fi sounds instead of going down a more trip-hop route. This is her most personal, emotional, in-depth album. It's ... read more
Nov 8, 2019*
fka twigs more like rip wig

It has been 3 whole years since FKA Twigs has given us any new music, leaving us with the out of control, futuristic M3LL155X, which was definitely her best work. But Magdalene comes out and it is like the 21st century Homogenic. Both are innovative, beautiful, and have great production. Anyway, the first song 'thousand eyes' is such an impressive opener for this album, it's very peaceful at some parts and get all the way to rock-bottom in some parts. It sounds like ... read more
Oct 25, 2019*
what is going on Kanye?

Kanye West is one of the most polarizing figures of the 21st century so far, when he announced a couple weeks back that he would say that he would stop making non- secular music, that's when I started to really worry about the album. First of all, the damn title, his albums always have iconic titles like My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy or Yeezus or The College Dropout. This just sounds like a Luke Bryan or Blake Shelton album title. Let's be honest this is his 'The ... read more
Oct 18, 2019
it's clipping bitch!

When I heard that the new clipping album was going to release, I was not too hyped, The first single 'Nothing Is Safe' was such a bad song, it was so boring, it just felt so bland, for a group that not so long ago, put out one of my favorite songs of the decade; 'Story 2'. For a long time I thought I wasn't going to review this album, but as the singles improved with songs like 'La Mala Ordina' and 'Blood of The Fang', I decided that I would listen to this album, so here I ... read more
Oct 7, 2019*
aoty in the past weeks has been extremely stressful to me. it's all about the likes and follows these days. I didn't give a fuck in December of the reviews I made. I just made them for the fun of it at the end of the day. I've met some friends along the way, many of them have left or aren't really on anymore. now that I have expectations for myself (20+ likes on a review), if I get less and fail these expectations, I delete the review, no matter how much hard work I put into it. I feel ... read more
Oct 4, 2019
The new Danny Brown album is great. Sure, it isn't the best work by him, and there are a couple of weak points on here, but all in all a pretty good album. This album is him trying to approach a more funkier old-school hip hop sound. The album kicks off with 'Change Up' which is a very smooth and relaxing song. It's so weird that this is Danny Brown who is rapping, because about 3 years he made one of the craziest and most absurd albums of the 2010's: Atrocity Exhibition. The next song is the ... read more
Sep 24, 2019
Flower Boy is one of the only albums that has ever given me pure happiness when listening to it. Whenever I re-listen to this masterpiece, I always find something new that is great about this album. I have listened to some of these song 50+ times (See You Again, 911/Mr. Lonely, Glitter, Boredom, Foreword, Garden Shed, Who Dat Boy, Where This Flower Blooms). This is Tyler's best project he has made so far, it is mind-blowing that only a couple of years ago, he was known by being one of the most ... read more
Sep 18, 2019
If you didn't know already, I don't like Ameer Vann's work. I really think he was the reason the SATURATION trilogy sucked. So coming into this album, I was expecting 4-5 out of 10 for this album. My expectations were sort of high, because, what if he sort of matured a little bit in the past 2 years since he left BROCKHAMPTON and faded into obscurity. And believe, he did mature. A lot. This album is actually good. 'Emmanuel' is a great opener to the album. The song is sort of has this hardcore ... read more
Sep 15, 2019*
Browsing around my local record store, I find a record that catches my eye, the cover having an extremely cute catto. Not knowing anything else about the album, and out of pure curiosity, I bought the album, realizing that this much more than a remix album. It is one of the most brilliant abstract rap albums ever, it is a lot like cLOUDDEAD. The rap verses are fire and the beats are intelligent. 'Mouthful' is a banger. It's super sad that no one has listened to this album. 'Terror Fabulous' is ... read more
Sep 13, 2019*
JPEGMAFIA's 4th album is the most mind-blowing, horrifying, beautiful albums of the year. Do not expect this to sound like Veteran, or else you will be extremely disappointed, it's an entirely new sound for Peggy. The first song 'Jesus Forgive Me, I'm A Thot' at first was sort of average to me, but listening to it over and over until the album released, I finally started to enjoy the song, and is now one of my favorite songs on the album. 'Kenan vs. Kel' is this very beautiful lo-fi rap song, ... read more
Sep 6, 2019*
Going into this album, I didn't have really any high expectations for this album. And what I got was this bland album, that seem like Crybaby B-Sides. I mean the album has no real concept besides how they pick the titles, which the track listing doesn't even feel right. One of the good things that came out of the album was that (just like LDR) she isn't trying to sound like Billie Eyelash, she at least sounds like Melanie Martinez. With this new album, besides for writing and directing a whole ... read more
Sep 2, 2019
LDR's 6th album is.... average. I am fine with the community liking this album but like, this isn't really a change to her sound, like many of you are saying. She has the same moody and psychedelic tones from her other albums. I have listened to her since 2014, and I have never found why she is 'innovative' and 'influential' to many users on this site. I know, there are the stans giving these 100s, but it isn't just them who are loving this album, it is almost everyone who has listened to this ... read more
Aug 30, 2019*
what is wrong with you, fantano????

The long awaited TOOL album is here! And it is absoulutely amazing. After 13 years of waiting for new music from the band, it was worth it. TOOL's newest album is a masterpiece and it's their best yet. Not gonna lie, I was sort of worried for the new TOOL album when 'Fear Inoculum', I mean the song isn't that bad, but after waiting 13 years, this is what we get? But when I listened to the album, I was surprised. Because these songs are ahead of it's time, I ... read more
Aug 28, 2019
Before I start this review, I like to thank you all for getting me here in the last nine months, here is some of y'all:

@KenjogiUltam for being my first follower
@smallpeeble, JoaoSantos, AtrocityBlubber, thebibleparttwo, Inglume, KingKrollisIsBack, 0xiela, Mol, bornunderpunches, PNGLIFT, and WhatTheFunk for supporting my music and reviews.
@MothaOfMotha12, MariellyAkarius, PipePanic for being cool people
@thomasny18 for being such a kind person and helping me so much
@Flamingoooo you are a ... read more
Aug 23, 2019
For a long time, Taylor Swift has been my favorite artist for a long time. I have listened to all of her albums dozens and dozens of times. So when 'Me!' and 'You Need to Calm Down' came out, I was sort of disappointed. There was one good factor, that was that she was herself again, Reputation wasn't her. So, she gets Fearless, Speak Now, Red, and 1989, and this is the result, here are some of the highlights:

'Cruel Summer' is a really fun and exciting electro-pop song that I will probably ... read more
Aug 23, 2019*
Brockhampton has always been a relatively mediocre band to me. I guess their 4th album 'iridesence' was sort of good, but when I heard 'If You Pray Right' for the first time, I was instanly hyped for this album, but when newer singles I didn't like them as much and my expectations lowered and lowered. So when I heard 'No Halo' for the first time, I finnally knew that this album wasn't be as good as I thought it would be, and was i dissapointed, hell yeah.

'Sugar' is average at best, I don't ... read more
Aug 20, 2019
Kraftwerk's 7th album, while not considered their most innovative album (that would be their 6th album: Trans Europe Express), it seems like it has inspired many albums since it released like, LCD SOUNDSYSTEM and C418. Like 'Neon Lights' sounds so much like 'Dog' from the Volume Alpha soundtrack. The 1st song 'The Robots' makes it seem like 80's acts like Cyndi Lauper and Peter Gabriel were inspired by the sound of this song. The 3rd song 'Metropolis' is probably the best song on the album, if ... read more
Aug 18, 2019
Ween's 8th album is one of those albums where you have to have fun with it to like it, basically the same thing for their whole entire discography. Quebec, to put it simply, is a rollercoaster. One song is full on hard metal ('It's Gonna be a Long Night') and another song is psychedelic pop ('Happy Colored Marbles'). So, this album was very interesting, to say the least. Even though I think 1997's 'The Mollusk' is better than this album, I think this is Ween at their most creative, even though ... read more
Aug 16, 2019
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard's 15th album INFEST THE RAT'S NEST is the band's answer to metal. At first, I was a little bit worried that they were taking a step in this direction. I mean, I am not the biggest metal fan, so I was actually surprised by how good this album was. Like this is probably one of their best albums yet. Like the vocals fit so perfectly into songs like 'Planet B' and 'Hell' which is probably some of the highest points on the song. 'Venusian 1' is probably the only ... read more
Aug 14, 2019
For my next review, I decided to use the random album generator, which is now a trend on here, I guess. So at first, I got an album called 'Dimevision Vol.2: Roll With It or Get Rolled Over' by Dimebag Darrel. Soon, I realized this was just a compilation of songs by him. So I decided to go onto the random album generator again, and got the 3rd self-titled album from J-Pop singer Taemin.

The 1st song 'Eclipse', in the first 10 seconds has these pretty strange vocals that were painful to listen ... read more
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