Melanie Martinez - K-12
Sep 7, 2019 (updated Sep 8, 2019)
I bet all those who are negatively reviewing this album and say it has a boring concept, probably haven't even really listened to it or paid not enough attention. I think they wrote a review just because they hate Melanie Martinez. Because this album is full of messages and lessons that it is always good to remember, especially for the younger ones and that can never be trivial! I liked musically a lot, I had to listen to it a couple of times to get into the kind of sound but now I can't stop singing the songs. There are a lot of modified voices but it's something I really like. Each song deals with a different theme and some have very deep themes that you must have the sensitivity to understand them, something that unfortunately many do not have.
I think this album is a little bit more pop than Cry Baby but not too much. Honestly those who criticize saying that this album is boring must be deaf for not having understood anything about what the album want to transmit. At least this album sends important messages to help people.
What are you doing good in your life, criticizing something you didn't even want to understand? You're not really helping anyone! Maybe just your ego to feel more important in a world where you are nothing!
Melanie Martinez had already said for years that this album would be the continuation of the Cry Baby story, so what are you surprised about ?! It's your fault if you haven't been informed about it before. Furthermore, if you know that you don't like the musical genre why have you forced yourself to listen to an hour of something you knew at the start, you wouldn't have liked it? Only to spread more hatred in the world in an unjustified way!
Sep 7, 2019
high iq
Sep 8, 2019
At least my IQ is high enough not to confuse this album with another album that has nothing to do with K-12, just because of the name (album that also has a different name from K-12)!😉
Sep 8, 2019
KONY 2012 isnt an album tho
Sep 8, 2019
I don't know Kony 2012, but if it's not an album then it's even worse! Exchanging one album for another would have been less ugly than exchanging an album with something totally different and that has nothing to do with! So this doesn't change anything! In good faith I thought that Kony 2012 was another music album because otherwise it would have been totally stupid and senseless to call one thing for another!
Sep 8, 2019
But he didnt confuse this album with it he just called it KONY 2012 throught his review because its somewhat of a meme now
Sep 8, 2019
Sep 8, 2019
lol can the bots calm down wtf
Sep 8, 2019
Sep 10, 2019
@alterwin At what I read to me he seemed quite convinced that K-12 was somehow a title that had to do with Kony 2012. But even if it was ironic, it's something to do totally stupid, immature and mindless. Besides being disrespectful. This album is something in which people have invested years of their life. Even if he didn't like it for personal tastes, it doesn't mean he has to totally disrespect others' work! There are smart and civil ways to review something negatively.
Sep 10, 2019
Not just using elementary school kids' ways! Where would intelligence be in something so stupid, childish and ridiculous?
Oct 2, 2019
Jun 10, 2020
to be fair you have to have a very high iq to understand Melanie Martinez' K-12

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