Angel Olsen Announces North American Tour
by Staff to Angel Olsen
May 14, 2019
bruh she literally lives in Asheville and she's not playing here
Tool debut first new music in over a decade
by Staff to Tool
May 6, 2019
oh damn, clock's ticking... it'll only be five years now
Eminem joins Logic on new single “Homicide”
by Staff to Logic
May 3, 2019
excuse me but this song is actually 1/4 black
Logic and Eminem Announce New Song “Homicide”
by Staff to Logic
May 1, 2019
it's time to stop
Joanna Newsom Announces Intimate Tour
by Staff to Joanna Newsom
April 3, 2019
can we please stop calling a set of shows in like 4 major cities in the northeast a "tour"
61st Grammy Awards complete nominations list
by MusicXXY
December 7, 2018
who the fuck is H.E.R. and how did the grammys even know of her existence while missing out on everything else
Limp Bizkit To Hit The Studio This Week For A Brand New Album
by Edgeworth to Limp Bizkit
November 15, 2018
Suicide rate drops to 0%
Lorde Accuses Kanye and Kid Cudi of “Stealing” Her Stage Design
by Staff to Lorde
November 14, 2018
that's a stretch/10
Logic Shares New Song “Everybody Dies”
by Staff to Logic
September 8, 2018
we live in a society
Watch Car Seat Headrest Cover Death Grips
by Staff to Car Seat Headrest
July 12, 2018

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