Eminem - The Eminem Show
Jan 3, 2020
Lazily put together. Leaves nearly everything from his previous 2 projects to be desired…

Sure, maybe if you don’t care about album structures and thematics you could say this album is good…

…But please don’t ever try to defend songs like Square Dance or Drips…

My problem’s rely much deeper than just album structures, but just how much Marshall seemed to let such a quick and heavy rise to fame he had take entire control of his career. SSLP and MMLP were very raw feeling and hungry albums…Sure, he wasn’t hungry for money and fame anymore after 2002 but he still was obviously starving for attention…So I don’t see why he couldn’t have stuck to what he was already good at doing…? Marshall isn’t experimental, if he was he wouldn’t have made the fucking ‘Eminem Show’ his risk into legitimate mainstream pop music (not to discredit MMLP as not being mainstream (because it really fucking is), as The Real Slim Shady is extremely poppy on it’s own). It’s his first nearly entirely radio friendly album (minus the vulgar bits, but he releases edited versions of his albums anyways) and it seems he’s lost everything that made what made the previous albums raw…

The Eminem Show could as well be interpreted as some sort of ‘beauty behind the madness’ or ‘insanity drawn from fame’ but with that, we’d have to take a look at every track and see how each would fit into the thematics of either…the first track alone gives those ideas up. So I try looking at it in a similar vein as MMLP and SSLP as just a coping mechanism for Eminem’s fucked up life…but we could also take nearly every song on the SSLP and give it that theme too. MMLP, almost every song (Even though I’d label that as more of Eminem just testing the limits of everyone with a pair of ears rather than testing everyone in his hometown).

Sure, I’m comparing The Eminem Show to his previous 2 too much…but am I not supposed to? It’s a trilogy…I’m pretty sure it’s intended for this

Curtain’s up does literally nothing as an opener rather than do as the title of the track would expect it to be…A show starting? Fitting for ‘The Eminem Show’ I guess…

White America is Eminem on his political bullshit that I can guarantee not a single fucking person who bought this album (and Em stans on twitter will tell you a whole lot of people did) cares about. Honestly it’s just Proto-Recovery with this fucking delivery Eminem just couldn’t resist to have. I don’t know what he was thinking

Once we get to Business I’m not sure if anyone’s sure of what exactly to expect anymore, so Eminem gives us another one of the basics…a decent pop rap song. I get the appeal of Em’s pop rap songs, but wouldn’t say they’re for me (the production rarely does it for me so it leaves me to rely on Eminem to please me…and then he says barely anything to take into consideration for an entire 3-4 minutes)

Now…We really have no idea what’s up next (props to Marshall for the unpredictability at least…). So why not throw in a song about your bitch-mom that the world has known for years you hated…but instead of making it unique from the other shit you throw at her it’s the same shit we’ve heard for years now. It’s a decent song, but I wouldn’t say it’s amongst his greatest…props for the production I guess.

Fucking shit. Square Dance has got to be my least favorite of any of prime Em’s songs. Seriously…take any song from his big 3 and there isn’t one I’d prefer to square dance. Everything here. The awkward build up to the beat, Em’s weird adlib things at the introduction, the corny verses that make no sense whatsoever, the corny and random disses and that FUCKING hook…Jesus Christ. It’s not that I don’t wanna pick it a part more, but there’s nothing to make any aspect of this song look even remotely great in any respectable or interesting way

Then we get The Kiss and Soldier. I like them, The kiss is a decent skit, definitely sets the tone of Soldier in a very well-done way (so well done to the point I don’t think Eminem intentionally done it…but maybe I’m just being an ass lol). Soldier is an obviously light-heartedly but with pissed off intentions song. And before you say it, yes it had his loud ‘Recovery’ delivery but it doesn’t have the boring writing to go a long with it.

Say Goodbye to Hollywood being the obvious continuation of Soldier doesn’t exactly add much to the previous song, but does provide for my favorite of the 2 songs in the 3-part trilogy honestly. The only part I genuinely dislike is the background vocals of the hook…fuck that shit.


Without Me is a silly pop rap track that even though I particularly don’t care for, I can totally appreciate as then ‘Real Slim Shady’ of The Eminem Show (which presents a problem I’ll talk on later). Nothing about the track stands out much as a legitimate pop rap song rather than the numbers it did and the fact that it was by Eminem so…next? Oh just another Paul Rosenberg skit that adds absolutely nothing to the album again…great.

Sampling the classic Aerosmith track, Em shows his taste in rock music with the banger Sing for the Moment. A somewhat cinematic song that leaves me feeling sympathetic yet curious as to what sparked such an interest into writing this…Nonetheless good job for Em on this one…

Stop it Em. You have money, we don’t need to hear you rap about it getting you hookers…nice production though

I’ll stand by Hailie’s Song forever. It’s the most heartfelt we’ve seen him get up into this point (which isn’t saying much) and the outcome is an awkwardly sung yet beautifully intended. No real complaints, as the flaws in singing are justified and self aware for once…But what does Em do next? Yet another pointless skit…this time he kills Berman because of his own incompetence (something I wish he’d do to me about this point in the album)

So what’s left to do? The regular formulaic shit as MMLP did…bring D12 along! Yet this time without anything interesting about the song. A beyond basic ‘Eminem’ instrumental, bars of complete nonsense from everyone, a decent Proof verse and a typical, off-beat and unfunny verse from Bizarre (I shouldn’t have to explain the terribleness of him and his verse, right?). Not that the song is horrible, but provides nothing in return (as far as redeeming qualities go) for listening.

Say what you will about Dr. Dre, but him as a rapper will never spark any interest in me…First off, their first collaboration such as this since Forgot About Dre (Though, I think there was some kind of a Funk Master Flex song with both) and it’s as unfulfilling as the rest of the album would make you guess this track is. Nothing about this production-wise shows any of what Dr. Dre has proved he can do in the past (Not a fan of his production, but he has impressed me from time to time), Nothing about Em or Dre’s verses (aside from the rhyme schemes) show anything of what Em’s writing could do. I will admit the deliveries from Em are good at first (but get old extremely quick)…But aside from a few one ups, this track is the epitome of ‘Wouldn’t miss it if it left’

Oh boy…this one will be controversial, but I don’t like ‘Till I Collapse. Before you ask if I’m trying to be contrarian at this point. No, your opinions just suck. ‘Till I Collapse is Eminem’s attempt into making one of the hardest hitting anthems of the entirety of hip hop (and as far as reception goes, he fucking nailed it), but a lot of things here go unnoticed for me. Can we acknowledge just how unbearably corny this song is? I’m surprised no one brings this up. The entire first verse is just purely what Hopsin got his entire career from. The production is hard hitting for the tone and delivery of the song, but is way too one dimensional. It gets boring at the third verse honestly. And while this complaint is much more based on personal preference, I still feel I have to say it…I’m not a fan of Nate Dogg’s hooks. They’ve never impressed me, they’ve never hooked me in, they’ve never done anything for me. It just overwhelmingly bores the absolute shit out of me. Back to Em on this track, can we mention all the unnecessary name drops? They feel extremely out of place to me, especially if this song is trying to pump you up…I’d say the song has a nice flow (Not Em’s (because I like his flow here), just the flow of the song), but Em is changing the topic of his verses way to sporadically. I question the motives behind all of this entirely. To end on something I’ve given a lot of songs the same complaint on, the delivery. Em’s delivery…It actually fits here for what kind of song it is, it’s just the corniness of it has made the delivery so much worse for me. Sorry…

And to end the album on a more positive note, My Dad’s Gone Crazy is a fun song made about Hailie (but not for her…?). Nothing wrong with that. Starting off with an extremely uncomfortable intro, yet a much more reassuring and mood changing beat (compared to the previously mentioned intro). Essentially, it’s all about Eminem being a massive prick while also being a great dad. I’m sure a lot of fathers can relate to that (As mine told me a few times, this was his favorite Eminem song). And while a lot of things are at play here to make this a legitimately good song, the production is by far at it’s best on the entire album (as it’s one of the few times the production changes depth to fit the tone changing). Overall, a good song…decent closer…

Ken Kaniff gets on stage, for the same stupid joke that’s been throughout the last 2 albums. Wish he’d give it a rest…Much worse way to end the album then My Dad’s Gone Crazy

As you can see, the tracks obviously play no role in anything. So let’s interpret it in the only way left to I suppose…A show of some sorts? If so…How does drips play into any of this? Why are people still watching the show?? How do the Paul and Steve skits fit into this bullshit. If someone would like to explain something I’m not understanding here in the comments then feel free, as I’ll either debunk or…
Jan 3, 2020
…re-review this entire album just for you…

This album is a mess. It presents itself in such a way to make you suspect something special is really going on here when in reality it does nothing but confuse me as to why it would want to do something like that. I guess I can give Em props for trying to make a thematic album in some sorts. Some of the skits work well like that (but don’t contribute anything to this ‘Show’ of his) and some of the songs seem like something a late night show would have on as a parody…

Try the SSLP. It was focused on Eminem trying his best to cope with his fucked up world and how it seemed nothing could get better unless his music worked out. It was focused (for the most part at least) to the point where we could at least define the lines between Eminem, Marshall Mathers and Slim Shady.

A year later, the MMLP came and blurred those lines to truly show you what Em was after now…Aka nothing but your attention. He showed us that Slim, Marshall and Em are all…
Jan 3, 2020
… basically the same person. As it’s hard to tell where one ends and one begins here. We normally wouldn’t see Marshall go on a homicidal run but it’s hard to argue Kim as being from either Slim or Em here…

A quite beloved record, and maybe if I loved Em as much as I did years ago I could still respect this album, but the damage has been done…I’ve found better music (lol)

High points: Em showing versatility, depth and emotion

Mid points: Just about everything that isn’t mentioned above or below honestly

Low points: The entire failures of certain tracks, the pointless skits, Em not knowing what exactly he wants to do, The horrible mimics of his previous 2 records…

Overall, I’m not a fan. If you are and you’d like to argue go ahead. If not, that’s cool too. But this has been another review so…See you next time (love you bb)
Jan 8, 2020
Oh shit Kool is taking reviewing seriously.What has the world come?!
Jan 8, 2020
@Rock_Metalhead_ did it with clipping.’s most recent output, and attempting to do so with IDK’s newest release as well
Feb 17, 2020
I don't see how Em angrily rapping = Recovery. Em used a more yelling delivery on that album. Does that mean The Way I Am is "Proto-Recovery" as well? Also, I think the skits are good. The Paul skit is warning Em to leave his gun home, but later in the Steve Berman skit, Em shows up and shoots Steve with the gun, which is a humorous twist on the SB skit from MMLP. It also kinda ties in with the pistol whip incident he brings up a lot on the album.

"But please don’t ever try to defend songs like Square Dance [...]"

Lol. I've listened to hundreds of Eminem songs and Square Dance is in my top 10. Does the accent make the hook bad or something? I'm used to Em's various accents he's used over the years, so it doesn't bother me at all. The hook is silly, but I don't that it makes it unlistenable. Em's flow, rhymes, and rapping overall are smooth and intense on this track (as is the case with most of the album). I think the build-up to the beat is phenomenal...
Feb 17, 2020
...probably my favorite out of any Em song. Plus I don't see how it's corny. The second verse is especially solid. Production is good too. If you're confused about the song's topic and disses, I'll explain: Em and Canibus had a beef going on at the time and Canibus made a song called "Draft Me", a pro-draft song that featured subtle disses aimed at Em. So Em responded with Square Dance, an anti-draft song that takes some shots at Canibus.

Theme explanation: People were expecting Em's next album to be called "The Eminem LP" but Em thought the LP naming would be too predictable so he settled on "Show" instead. He felt that his life was a circus/show and that he was always being watched. The concept was inspired by a Jim Carrey film called The Turman Show and the album cover was inspired by another Carrey film called Man on the Moon. Em is putting on a show for the listener. The "Eminem" part of the title refers to how a lot of the songs are about his raps and himself as a rapper...
Feb 17, 2020
...White America, Without Me, and Sing For The Moment touch upon his raps' effect on the listener and Business and 'Till I Collapse are "rap anthems" (they're songs about rapping with the mentions of rhymes, flows, MCs, killing the beat, etc.)

If you ask me, Eminem peaked with this album in terms of rapping and musicality. I know it's your opinion but I think a 3/10 rating is really harsh for this album.
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