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All of the albums I currently own on vinyl. I'm fairly new to collecting, and I'll update it every time I get another one.
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pretty self explanatory
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Some of these I have listened to, some I haven’t
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haha fantano refrence (This has nothing to do with the music itself, just the cover. Plus, there are a lot of these I haven’t listened to) don’t take any offense to this list, 90% of it is just a ...
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Yes I collect cds along with vinyl I don’t know why
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Not ranked in any particular order
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I asked AOTY users what one word they would use to describe their favorite album of all time, and this is what they said. (side note: this is my first time doing one of those lists where I ask ...
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These albums just ooze creativity and it just makes you wanna go paint or something like that this idea sounded a lot better in my head
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No particular order, just 20 of the best album openers ever for different reasons.
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April 2021 Playlist