orange73 -
ok I haven't actually reviewed an album since february so whoops that happened
anyway im just gonna move on and not acknowledge that I haven't looked at aoty for a month :/

Pretty much every review here says the same thing in different words, so I won't spend a lot of time talking about how influential or ahead of its time this album was. That being said, this made me realize something: no matter what decade, there are always people pushing the boundaries of music, taking an idea so different ... read more
orange73 -
One of the best neo-soul-pop songs of all time. Actually, just one of the best songs of all time period
orange73 -
okay not every ajr song is 100% terrible
but why, why does this song have to exist
orange73 -
there is no logical reason why I love this it’s just really nostalgic and fun
orange73 -
say what you want about oasis but this song is iconic
orange73 -
this is soul-crushing, heartbreaking, yet hopeful. I can’t really explain why I love this so much...I just do.
orange73 -
the song that proves sound can melt
orange73 -
this is probably the hardest song to explain. You won't like it on the first listen, you just won't. Even if you do, you won't appreciate it for what it really is. It gives a strange nostalgic feeling of driving around in japan in the rain, in the middle of the night, but on the other hand, it sounds like playing in your backyard and childlike wonder (which is really contrasted by the lyrics, which are as far away from childlike as possible). Even the high-pitched voice gives the feeling of a ... read more
orange73 -
this song is important
orange73 -
I can't believe I used to hate this
I mean I'm not a huge fan of lorde, but why did I hate this
this is actually amazing
orange73 -
yeah it’s sort of boomer but it’s also pure poetry that still amazes me even though I’ve heard it my whole life
orange73 -
orange73 -
words cannot describe where No Surprises sends me
orange73 -
How does this album have so many negative scores? I’m honestly confused why an album this good can just go over everyone’s head. This record is my first experience with this guy, so I did a bit of research. Turns out he runs a record label, record store, and also goes by the name of Milo, and Scallops Hotel. Seems like a busy guy. Apparently, this album is a tribute to a beat poet named Bob Kaufman. Also, on R.A.P. Ferreira’s website, there’s a cool interactive thing ... read more
orange73 -
I don’t really get what I’m missing exactly. It just sounds like alt-j but more annoying
full review tomorrow probably
orange73 -
An energetic, dynamic, and all-around fun indie rock song
orange73 -
a modern classic
I have a feeling this song will age reaaally well in like 20 years
orange73 -
it sounds like the end credits to life
orange73 -
orange73 -
one of the best album openers in history
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