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orangedroog65 -
Maxo is a master of his craft, big winner, possibly better than Brandon banks.
orangedroog65 -
Despicably low user score :’(
orangedroog65 -
Underrated at an 83.
orangedroog65 -
Great production and a lot of promise here, definitely on to something. While not a favorite of mine, it’s one of those tracks that you hear and think “this artist could make something special”
orangedroog65 -
One of the all time greats


Oct 5, 2021
hey thanks for following, appreciate it :)
Sep 28, 2021
hii!! i just released a song; it’s on all platforms. i’d be so happy if you could listen to it and give it a quick review if possible. if you need a link, just let me know!
Sep 3, 2021
dw about the last question I asked, that's all cool now. Thank you so much for contributing to the list, it means a lot.
Sep 2, 2021
Hey Mate,
I am currently making a list compacted with AOTY user' top 10 worst albums and would love for you to contribute to that. The information if you decide to share will be used to create "The Average AOTY Users worst album" consisting of 50 albums. If you feel comfortable contributing please mention your top 10 worst albums in order from 1 being the worst and 10 being the 10th worst. It would also be highly appreciated if you are ok to give a few words why as well :)

Thank You So Much Have A Good Day!
Aug 28, 2021
Hi again, sorry to bother you.

As I was creating the list, due to issues that arose and just new ideas, I thought of this idea where each of the top 10 albums have a bit of a foreword in their descriptions. Anyways, getting to the point, I'd appreciate it so much if you could just reply with a couple of sentences on To Pimp A Butterfly regarding its importance in musical history, influence and, most importantly, why you love it/what it means to you.

Thanks so much for reading and replying, if you do. It'd mean a lot.
Aug 22, 2021
thank you. the feeling is mutual.
Aug 22, 2021
Hey, I hope you're doing well.

I'm making a list where, judging by AOTY users' individual top ten albums, I'm compiling a ranked community top 100. I'd love it if you could contribute by just replying with your top ten ranked from 1-10; I'm totally fine with being redirected to a ranked favourites list of sorts, if that's what you'd prefer.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and replying, if you do
Aug 6, 2021
thanks for the follow!
Jul 2, 2021
no problem!!
Jun 26, 2021
ur taste is literally so good, thats all i must say


Really giddy about the 300 follower, thanks y’all! 😆

After some years of avid music listening, I am finally comfortable saying that Destroyer is my all time favorite artist! ❤️ ♥️ 💜

I don’t typically rate albums I don’t like, so mostly a display of what I like to varying degrees. Some disappointments I looked forward to may get bad ratings. Check out my Letterboxd, it’s got about 1/5th of the movies I’ve seen.

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