Volant - Two
Dec 6, 2019
The main problem with Two. It sounds too much like Volant. Little to nothing is different about the two albums. Now i'm not usually that guy, If you remember my KIRK review, you'd know i'm not usually that guy. But i would be able to tell a track apart from Baby on Baby and KIRK, this one? Not really. It's still a good album. Sounds really nice but it's kind of annoying that the albums are near-identical. At least KIRK had cool beats.

Both albums are 9 tracks, and both albums are around 40-45 minutes. Both of them have extremely similar pacing with very long tracks and not a lot of tracks under 4 minutes. They are both albums that connect. Hell, they even have the same cover. Now i could talk about the positives about this, cause there are a lot, but i should honestly just copy/paste my One review and it will probably mostly make sense. Oh wait, i only talked about the track length like a stupid child.

Things Volant should do next time:
-Add new sounds.
-Make the tracks shorter, maybe you can seperate some of those beat switches into tracks. It'd get you more streams hehe
-Don't connect the tracks. That way they each can be unique enough to not get someone bored throughout the album
-Make a different cover ffs

Sky Cleaver: 70/100 (Good)
I mean I like it but i really hope this isn't just One: Two Edition cause One almost lost me in the first place.

Contact: 87/100 (Great)
BRO I LOVE THOSE BUILDUP DRUMS. Overall this reminds me exactly of 2085 a Space Odyssey but i still like it a ton! Like, i can see this album going south but for now it's not cause any problems

Golden Age: 55/100 (Below Average)
It's kinda boring tbh. And my head hurts. Also i think the chord progression just sounds kind of awkward. It jumps around a bit too much imo

Interloper: 80/100 (Great)
Don't get me wrong. It IS just Go Back Home in Time from One. BUT that's kind of why i like it.

Wonder: 65/100 (Decent)
I was wondering how this song wasn't over the entire time i was listening to it but it sounds nice.

Brightest Night: 64/100 (Decent)
It's losing me man. I forgot the song was even playing.

Star Oasis: 75/100 (Good)
A little bit long but a slap

Pearl Blue: 65/100 (Decent)
Kinda forgot this one existed.

Voyager: 67/100 (Decent)
Dec 12, 2019
Thank you. This was everything I was thinking.
Dec 12, 2019
HOWEVER I did here that most of these tracks were started at the same time or before the tracks in one were so that almost excuses it for not being an evolution... but still not really.
Dec 21, 2019
yea i read your review and i totally agreed. I still think issa good album though.
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Jun 16, 2019
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