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Clairo - Sling
Sep 21

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oryan_tomas -
A few days ago, while hanging out on AOTY, I came across the mysterious cover art of 'Texis' that quickly caught my eye and I decided to give the New York duo a chance. When I listened to the first songs I was amazed by the voice of Alexis Krauss and her catchy melodies mixed perfectly with the dirty electric guitars of rock and the sounds of electropop to give us an interesting and solid album from their first song to their last.
It is a dark album where death is constantly talked about ... read more

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oryan_tomas -
For 2021, James Blake returns with his fifth studio album, an album that in my opinion exceeds all possible expectations I ever had, probably giving us one of the best albums of the year.
In 'Friends That Break Your Heart', Blake brings us a deeply sad and emotional album with lyrics that speak to us in a very ingenious way about themes such as loneliness, betrayal and pain, these lyrics accompanied by a delicate and distressingly beautiful production minimalist, giving it a more intimate and ... read more
oryan_tomas -
The truth, lately, I have not felt good to write a review, but while listening to 'Titanic Rising' my desire was enlivened thanks to this great album.
For 2019 Weyes Blood prepared for us this great baroque pop album, a beautiful album with a beautiful and delicate production, an album orchestrated in a beautiful way, full of strings, keys and synthesizers that give it a cinematic and galactically melancholic sound.
With 'Titanic Rising' Weyes Blood presents us with a masterpiece of the genre, ... read more
oryan_tomas -
I still remember when I was only 5 years old and i was obsessed with Lady Gaga and her music video 'Bad Romance' that I watched over and over again every day, now that I have grown up I have rediscovered Gaga's music with this great work, which has made me helped me realize how great pop music can be.
'The Fame Monster' is a key piece in contemporary pop, in which Gaga manages to overcome her previous work and consolidates herself as one of the greats of the genre and music with this EP full of ... read more
oryan_tomas -
4 years after her sudden rise to fame, Clairo returns with her second LP, a beautiful album where the artist takes a complete turn in her career and shows us who she is and everything she has to offer.
In 'Sling', Clairo introduces us to some of her most beautiful and refined vocal harmonies, accompanied by her beautiful melodies and her personal lyrics.
On her new album, Clairo prepared a beautiful album with a soft and pleasant sound and a most delicate production. This album moves away from ... read more
oryan_tomas -
After 3 years of the release of 'The Next Day', David Bowie released '★' on his 69th birthday, before his unexpected passed that would occur 2 days later.
'Blackstar (★)' is one of the best works that his legacy left us, a dark, mysterious and strange album, where he makes his greatness clear and is ratified as the Chameleon of Rock, with an Art Jazz album never before seen in his career.
'★' more than a simple album, it is a masterpiece and a heartbreaking farewell letter, where in each ... read more


Sep 21, 2021
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Hi, I like to rate music and this is my rating scale u yea.

100 masterpiece
90-99 Incredible
80-89 Great
70-79 Good
60-69 Decent
50-59 Mediocre
40-49 Meh
30-39 Bad
20-29 Terrible
10-19 Horrendous
0-9 abhorrent

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