AOTY 2023
Hackle - Haunted Nation
Get Sum & Lash Out & Left My Heart in Houston & No Reason are better than all the other songs combined
He Is We - I Wouldn't Mind
this song is SUPER catchy
Hackle - Lash Out
vocals on this crazy from Hackle, flows on this crazy from Sematary, energy from both go crazy, beat on this is just ok from Anvil tho
first 2 listens = i like every song but im prolly not gonna ever listen to it in a month
Homixide Gang - 5TH AMNDMNT
all opium is trash except Carti but these guy could be up more if they switch it upp

favorite tracks(songs I liked on spotify) - HXG Bizness, AddXcts, Roundz, 5REW, Hom3 Invasion, and B5

Ken Carson - A Great Chaos
This is my first Ken Carson album!! I feel like this whole album was really boring, same 2 flows, beats very boring, he goes huh huh huh in almost every track. Also every track stays the same, they all keep the same flow and beat the whole time and its so uncreative. The bars in this album actually get annoying because every song he says hoe and whore and how he owns his bitch... like damn,, I bump a ton of tracks that are full of "misogyny" but I almost feel gross listening to him ... read more
Rico Nasty - Tales of Tacobella
underrated like all of her music
three of these songs could easily slide into my top 5 Sematary songs... 🪓 🎃
Rico Nasty - Sugar Trap 2
beats are really intresting to go with her voice but it does get a lil boring, most hold up by themselves tho
Sematary - King Of The Graveyard
i changed my mind, i love it
Doja Cat - Demons
doja? this high pitch voice thing is not it... i do fw the beat tho...
Doja Cat - Paint The Town Red
she flowin, i said what i said
good vibes and rly fun. I cant listen to this without smiling
Has a great beach vibe, I cant give it a max score though cause it has a weird screech noise once every 5 seconds for some reason
Youngboy Never Broke Again & ILOVEMAKONENN - Parasites
not something I wud listen to but I fw it
Quando Rondo & Youngboy Never Broke Again - 3860
hooked to the hooks. ALL BANGERS
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - AI YoungBoy 2
Carter Son is legit a masterpiece of a song and the rest of the album is great with only like one or two meh songs
Dizzee Rascal - Pagans EP
dis dat unknown british horrorcore fr
Dizzee Rascal - Don't Gas Me
i think i gotta gas him cause this shit fire
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Recent Review Comments
On BasedFizz's review of DrownMili - Acidified: Bled & Sped
"what do you mean by " blur of the popular sounds of 2018 + 2019", any examples??"
On Brad Taste's review of Ken Carson - A Great Chaos
"this is way too high bruh"
On Ken Carson - A Great Chaos
"i like intricate and abrasive beats.. Rainbow Bridge 3 is one of my favorite albums... these beats aint bad but they not that good either but I will say 0 just means I dont like the songs, I only rate with 0, 0.5, and 1"
On PinkPantheress & Destroy Lonely - Turn Your Phone Off
"definitely, his music is getting a little bit worse currently but his old music is really good. most of his albums have different vibes, like his album Rainbow Bridge 2 sounds very drowned out and his album Rainbow Bridge 3 is very loud. If you want a few reccomendations I can give you some but my opinions are definetly not popular. I would reccomend Im Reloading, Hogs, Necromanser, willows, and Go Dig My Grave. those are just songs that I think are the best on the album they r in. he has more music before this but he took it down on spotify and its only on Soundcloud. I know im typing alot buy hes rly good, just try to avoid the fanbase, they are all extremely annoying and will probally ruin the music for you."
On PinkPantheress & Destroy Lonely - Turn Your Phone Off
"@Sombraria I just looked at ur profile and I'm just wondering if you have listened to Sematary b4? the music you like makes me confident that you have but you have never reviewed him so..."
On Chief Keef - Almighty So
"bro the beat cuts sound so bad, it sounds like there was an error in the mixing"

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