AOTY 2023
LMFAO - Sorry for Party Rocking
Apr 1, 2023
Oh, my years, my young and wasted years...

The first bass waves touch my ears, my brain makes an instant stop of all its processes, my eyes defocus and look into nowhere, flashbacks and the countdown of years begins to rush at the speed of light - 2021, 2018, 2016, 2014, 2013, 2011... I sharply recall a peeling rusty gate in the middle of a concrete wall 3 meters in height, the clinking of dishes from the dining room, which the counselors place with the children from the older detachments before dinner on the tables, wooden gazebos and houses all over the square, smears of white paint on the grass next to the painted borders, light and easy tones of children's music from hissing speakers at the entrance to the dining room, bags and pillows on bicycles that slowly ride on a summer morning along to the people leading them on a narrow grassy path to the main paved way, that one strange feeling when you get home for the weekend and everything seems to have changed in the house, but in fact everything is the same as before and your nose recognizes and gets used to such familiar smells that never leave these walls...

The disco always started at 20:00. After dinner everyone, young and old, ran to their the huts and put on the most fashionable and cool wearings that their parents gave them from the outside, taking them out of the bedside tables and dryers and trying them on in an attempt to understand what looks the best. The first songs are heard from the central square, little by little the people begin to gather around, the counselors push the most introverted children out of the houses, someone runs to the swing or to the wooden stage with a large painted bandura on top, someone just walks in circles around the entire territory, and someone hides in the far corners... Adults always played the same songs that we memorized in 3 weeks, and if we came here the next year, then we were seized by a strange nostalgia from the fact that the repertoire at the discotheques had not changed at all. By about 21:30, when it was already dark and when the whole crowd was more or less warmed up from dancing and fun, the main number - Sexy And I Know It - turns on. Girls and boys split onto two groups opposite to each other - just like wall to wall. In the forefront are always the oldest and most popular among all representatives of both sexes, as the leaders of the tribe who led their fellow tribesmen to battle. I abruptly jump out of my chair and stand up straight, straighten my back. My cat looks up and looks at me like I'm an idiot, but I don't care, I don't stare at him when he runs and kicks bottle caps all over the kitchen, thinking it's a mouse.

After the first verse, when the bridge to the main part begins, the boys, synchronously with the music and sighs, make an aggressive step forward three times, throwing out their leg and twisting their palms around their hips, baring their teeth and looking menacingly at their opponents on the other side. I repeat these movements in my room with my eyes closed, completely surrendering to my muscle memory, which accurately reproduces all these movements years later. Then the girls do the same thing again, but with much more emotion and passion - so much so that it gets hotter and hotter on both sides. Each side wants to show all its strength and energy in these 30 seconds, to intimidate the enemy somewhat, how much to make them respect, to think twice before doing something rash. This tradition evokes in everyone on both sides a primal savagery that ignites within and kindles sparks in their eyes. Then the second part of the bridge begins, and the presenter into the microphone tells each side to jump and party as hard and energetically as possible - the winners will receive big yummy prizes. Each person on both sides is preparing to give everything to the fullest - the opportunity to show oneself happens only once a day and you cannot lose here, because this is the culmination of the evening and the main event. And now, with bated breath, both sides look at each other, leaving everything human and civil to the sides and preparing to destroy everything here so that not a speck of dust or a crumb will remain. I shake myself, bounce a little on my toes, breathe heavily, because now I will need to give my all 100%, and this is the rule. Show it, show it, show it...They bounce all together, one big organism moves and emits a dull tone, similar to a heartbeat, the intensity reaches the limit, something huge is about to happen...

"I`m sexy and I know it!"

LMFAO is an era. No one will ever repeat what they did, because they came into the music industry and created something here that could only exist at a certain time and in a certain form. And that form was predetermined by LMFAO. People say that their music now sounds shameful and ridiculous, their images also look cringey and funny, but if you were at their party in 2012, you would have no doubt that right now is the best night of your life. They dominated us with their music, they raised such a huge tsunami of champagne and drive, which in the end could wash away all of Miami and Florida together. They were the kings of the world and the masters of all the beach and club parties, they were the aesthetic, they were the influence, they were the standard and they were the pinnacle. We should all thank them for our youth and childhood, but instead we spit on them and deny their influence. But it cannot be ignored, you cannot just take it and pretend that all this did not happen and this is just a misunderstanding, which was quickly corrected in the end. All the electronic music of the early 2010s is here, it is in its own world and in its place, and we broke away under it, drinking Pepsi and thinking that this is what life is - an endless dance of blinding spotlights and loud bass, from which the walls tremble. Thanks for the childhood, LMFAO. I honestly confess my love to you and do not want to be a liar. I want to be honest and grateful for all the wonderful moments that you gave me in life with your songs.

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this is the greatest review ever made.
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