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it’s no secret that i love Beyoncé very, and i do mean very, dearly. at a normal glance, it’s pretty easy to see why i decided to deposit such a high score to an album that hasn’t even been out for a week. to be honest, i’ve never been more confident in doing so my goal is to hope you’ll understand why i did by the end.

I am 22 years old and for a majority of my life, Beyoncé has played a pretty massive role. hell, i even went through a mini ... read more

Joanna Newsom - Joanna Newsom and the Ys Street Band
Colleen is paid dust more than any of her other songs and I am tired of it!! If it had been on Ys or HOOM it would be everyone's favorite track but since it's on this little extracurricular release you all feel free to write it off. Even the Joanna fandom kinda treats it as a meme song because of the "hup!" parts but compositionally and lyrically it is PERFECT 10 OUT Of 10 YUP YUP YUP YUP MHMM MHMM SHE ATE THAT UP.


Favorite Tracks: All 3

Chloe x Halle - Ungodly Hour
On Ungodly Hour, the Atlanta-born duo return to a much more contempory R&B formula as they did at their debut, while at the same time making the understanding that rallies the more pop fans of their previous effort. However, they didn't manage to climb the step I was hoping for.

Not being a great fanatic of pure contempory R&B, I was surprised to discover and follow the evolution of the 2 sisters, as if I had the omen of a great potential. I was charmed by the release of The Kids Are ... read more

💿 DISCOGRAPHY SCORE— 70.2 / 90 — 80%.
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