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Mar 23
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Mar 23

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Mar 23, 2019
First things first, last year's Reckless was a huge pile of trash and easily a top 10 worst album of 2018. However, I can't deny that this album is much better. The beats are better, NAV sounds better (Muuuuuch less annoying, pretentious and "greater than I actually am" lines), the features are better... Everything is just better.

It may not be a unique masterpiece that we'll all remember years from now but at least it's something I personally enjoyed... And isn't this what music is ... read more
Jan 24, 2019
This album makes me wanna make S A D B O Y Bart Simpson edits
Jan 23, 2019
Travis Scott is literally the only bad thing I find to this album.

That was a sorry-ass mediocre verse from him. That wouldn't be a big problem if we were talking about some random trap hit that he's featured on to gain a quick buck (ZEZE for example.) but when you put him next to a legend like André 3000 and great talents like Rosalía, Moses Sumney and James Blake himself, his mediocrity shines for all the wrong reasons.
Mile High is a boring song that could have been great if ... read more
Jan 4, 2019
This soundtrack slaps hard. Tear inducing tracks all over it...

Flock, The Last General, The Winding Ridge, Cascades, The Hermit, Cult of the Zealous... These are some of the best songs ever put in a videogame soundtrack and it makes me sad not seeing much more appreciation for it... Truly an underrated OST for an underrated game.
Dec 14, 2018
Better late than never I guess.

God, I fucking love this album. The raw and deep voice of the vocalist give me goosebumps and the general feel of this makes me want to go to britain and start screaming of the streets while I'm destroying shit. It's "Fuck You and Fuck the Government" in audio form.

Might be a bit repetitive sometimes but overall I regret not listening to this before...
Mar 23, 2019
0: Fucking Bullshit.
10: Awful.
20: Like a song or two but hate it.
30: Like some songs but hate it.
40: Like a bunch of songs but hate it.
50: Like the half /or/ too boring to tell.
60-65: Flawed but enjoyable.
70: Enjoyable, generally one-listen a big chunck of it.
75: Album that I enjoy/revisit frequently, but a bunch of bad songs.
80-85: Solid, enjoy a large part of it.
90: Great, dislike 1/2 songs.
95: Fantastic / almost perfect.
100: Top tier, all great songs, personal favourites.
Jan 16, 2019
Wait where is Catalonia
Nov 8, 2018
Sep 7, 2018
Yeah, I'ma go fuck that bitch
I'ma go thrash that bitch
Shawty gon' suck this dick
Shawty gon' suck this dick
That's a pull-up bitch
Don't make me pull up, bitch
I'd smash that thot, then pull out bitch
Might push the Flacko shit
Watch me pull up, take your chain, lil' bitch
I'm on Deebo lit
I'm on Migo lit
I'm on kilo lit
I go psycho bitch
Watch me suck your bitch
Watch me thrash that bitch
Then I pass that bitch
Aug 7, 2018
And you listened to 3-5 times the amount of albums I've listened to overall. I need to catch up lol
By the way, thanks for the follow 😊
Of course I'm on this fucking website cause I like music, What would I do here if I didn't? I started listening to LPs in 2017, so i'm kinda ignorant. Halo on PC on 2019

I'm 19 baby

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