Burger Man - Easy on the Mustard
Jan 19, 2019
Easy On The Mustard is an unimpressive debut EP from Houston rapper Burger Man. The opening song “The Greatest” features uninteresting flow and lyrics over a generic, muddy-sounding soul sample flip. “Xbox Gamer” has an empty beat with worn-out horn hits and a really cringy outro section about penetrating another man’s asshole with a pool stick. “Pocket Knife” is the best song on the EP, a pretty humorous parody of the gun trope in hip-hop that hilariously interpolates Dr. Seuss’ iconic red fish, blue fish rhyme. The beat features a pretty standard but bouncy pluck. “Dashing Dapper” showcases minimalistic production with a simple drum loop, bass, and reversed open hat, as well as an anti-flex about how Burger Man’s dick is so small that he pees on his balls. “Houston’s Finest” has a really annoying chant hook, as does the closer “Promise.” Overall, there’s not really anything impressive showcased on Easy On The Mustard, and Burger Man sounds like a generic-brand version of Ugly God, who has really fallen off since late 2016 because comedy rap just doesn’t last that long. I don’t see Burger Man rising to the same level of fame that Ugly God had, but I definitely won’t remember much about this project within a month.

Favorite Songs: Pocket Knife, Dashing Dapper

Least Favorite Songs: Xbox Gamer, Promise
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Jan 22, 2019
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