Lil Tree Stump - Back To My Roots
Oct 16, 2019
Lil Tree Stump isn’t sure whether he wants to be serious or a meme rapper, but regardless he’s mind-numbingly boring.

It opens with “Roots”, which has a smooth choral sample to introduce Stump, but he falls flat on his face by coming out with a totally dull delivery, which is pervasive throughout the EP. “Womenizer” is the memiest song on the EP, even featuring meme rapper LilCockPump. It’s exactly what you’d expect, though: bad attempts at punchlines that don’t land at all, and an annoying instrumental to top it off.

LTS genuinely spits some emotionally haunting lyrics on “Reminiscing”, such as those about the awful way in which he discovered his father’s death, and how he never really knew him in the first place. However, the beat is super simple and unengaging, and Stump uses the most amateur, basic flow and driest delivery I’ve ever heard.

The closest Lil Tree comes to making an interesting song is “Squad”, but he really owes it to the beat, which includes a warped, Gross Beat lead and thumping 808. His performance, and DamnTrio’s, has the same aforementioned issues.

Stump tries, and fails, to sing on “I Try”, which is also super repetitive. Lastly, “Farewell” has a sick chipmunk soul sample, but when the vocals finally come in after nearly a minute, yet again, they’re flat.

Overall, this EP would be much better if LTS had any semblance of mic presence or charisma.

Favorite Song (If I Had To Pick): Squad
Least Favorite Songs: Reminiscing, I Try
Oct 17, 2019
Wow, this is quite the project. How did you find this?
Oct 17, 2019
@Yaysuz It was on the Genius May 2019 album release page somehow I think. It's not there anymore though.
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