Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp a Butterfly

I remember you was conflicted…

Before I get into this album, I wanna discuss my experience with this album.

Throughout my experiences with online music communities, one artist I had always seen come up was Kendrick Lamar. People always propped him up as this goat of hip-hop and the best of the best.

Now however my experience with online music communities wasn’t great at the beginning because my introduction to them was through them bashing on a ... read more

This is an EP that I think i've suppressed my feelings on for awhile because i was scared of admitting that I really liked this project. Because I guess liking DEMONDICE is cringe or something? Earlier today I talked with some friends about insecurity with music taste and such, and i decided I want to give my proper feelings on this EP.

I genuinely really like this EP, it is honestly the most personal EP we see from DEMONDICE that honestly tackles the stresses that comes with the industry had ... read more

Denzel Curry - Melt My Eyez See Your Future
While enjoying this album more consistently than TA13OO I found that compared to TA13OO this album didn't really have any tracks that I really liked such as "TA13OO", "13LACK 13ALLOONZ", and "CAZH MAN1AC".
The three of which I would consider really good songs.

While this album has good tracks, none of which are really has rememberable as those three from TA13OO in my opinion.

Despite that many of the tracks here had some good flow, and some pretty good ... read more

Little Simz - GREY Area
Another solid album from Little Simz, while not enjoying this one nearly as much as SIMBI, I found myself enjoying it much more consistently than her 2022 release NO THANK YOU.

I actually quite like some of the tracks on this album, such as "Selfish" which had a really nice vibe to it.

"Therapy" which had this style that I was a really big fan of, kinda felt like a breakdown especially during the hook.

"Boss" which had this really cool aggressive style that I ... read more

Little Simz - Sometimes I Might Be Introvert
This album has some moments that I would say are incredible, downright amazing, but then some moments that are just kinda, whatever I guess.

I feel one of Little Simz biggest issues is she fills her albums too much, and we end up with tracks that just kinda feel whatever, and interludes that I just kinda don't care for. But at the same time we some tracks that are absolutely amazing, some of which I would consider near masterpieces like "Introvert".

This album makes an excellent ... read more

Suisei Hoshimachi - Specter
Once Once Stellar...

Honestly I can't help but say i'm pretty disappointed with this album, I was pretty worried leading into it considering the singles weren't really anything to write home about. But I was hoping that somehow she could pull it through. I mean she's considered one of hololive's musical icons for a reason.

So how did she mess it up here?

The best way to describe this album is honestly just... boring. Tracks like "Wii-Wii-Woo" and "soiree" feel like ... read more

Mori Calliope - end of a life
Sometimes you realize that some things have to come to a end...

I don't think it's been a secret that i've suffered from some pretty heavy mental health and anxiety issues. It's been something i've been trying to work on for awhile now, and because of that, there are things I had to cut out of my life that I knew were causing me trouble.

I've come to realize that music reviewing and it's community is one of those things.

Throughout my time here, i've discovered all sorts of new music I ... read more

Mori Calliope - SINDERELLA
Mori Calliope shows plenty of growth as a artist in "SINDERELLA", her first album under a major record label.

Throughout this album Calli tries many different sounds that we haven't seen her use before allowing this album to feel really fresh compared to her other projects, while still keeping the feel that this is a Mori Calliope album.

This album follows a deadly sin concept, focusing on the 7 deadly sins we all know, while adding 3 extras (Guilt, Internet Addiction, and Self ... read more

tricot - 不出来 (Fudeki)
It's fine, but I can't help but be left wanting more from this album.

I don't know but compared to T H E this just feels like a massive downgrade.

Like good on them for trying something different, but I just can't help but not care for most of the songs on this album, like they are fine, but just also feel very whatever to me.

I really was not a fan of the opening track, trust me when I say that tricot's black midi arc was not on my bingo card.

"#Achoi" is honestly probably the ... read more

Little Simz - NO THANK YOU
An album full of hits and misses

Having checked out "Sometimes I Might be Introvert" early during my time on this website, there were aspects to I really liked such as the orchestral feel throughout the entire album.

Because of that, I've was interested when I heard she was releasing a new album this year, and wanted to check it out, and well?

Honestly there are parts of this album that I quite enjoyed, such as the tracks that kept that nice orchestral feel to them. Also tracks ... read more

Suisei Hoshimachi - My Happy Transmission
Am I the only one feeling really disappointed with Suisei's output as of late?

I just feel the two singles for this album so far have been painfully mediocre and that she's done so much better in the past.

Weyes Blood - And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow
You know... I don't enjoy giving these scores.

Honestly this album just completely sunk into the background for me, it worked as nice background noise but honestly trying to focus in on it just made me lose interest and had me fiddling around in my seat looking for something to do.

Not for me

Nekomata Okayu - Poisonya Syndrome
There is genuinely potential here, but this album is brought down by some of the most boring production and writing choices i've seen.

This albums starts off decent. Sure "Mogu Mogu YUMMY! (POISONYA SYNDROME Version)" is literally just the same song as the original, but hey it's a good cute song.

"Grrr Grrr Tummy" is a decent electro swing song with some decent vocals from Okayu, however I was a bit let down by FAKE TYPE's production because I feel they have genuinely done ... read more

Mori Calliope - DEAD BEATS
So would I probably listen to most of this EP?

Probably not, but I gotta take context into consideration as someone who was in the scene when this EP came out and kinda understand that this EP isn't really meant to be taken all that seriously and isn't really meant for anyone outside of hololive fans at that time excited for the debut of Hololive English's first group holoMyth.

You can tell that in most of these songs Calli isn't taking herself all that seriously, making several jabs at ... read more

Mori Calliope - NEZUMI Scheme
A much much MUCH needed improvement from "I'm Greedy"

This is what I want from Calli.

"NEZUMI Scheme" is genuinely a really fun electro string track with some excellent production from FAKE-TYPE.
Calli does great on the vocal end matching the production and overall creates a really good track.

Brings up hope for this album!!!

Edit: I feel like a lot of people are misinterpreting the lyrics of this song. I see a lot of people calling it "self-centered" or ... read more

AJR - The DJ Is Crying For Help
it's ajr, i don't care anymore

why do people care about this band so much?

Jakey - ROMCOM
I didn't want to not like this as im honestly a big fan of Jakey's youtube content and think he's honestly one of the funniest people on the platform.

But musically, he is probably one of the most boring and I felt completely nothing listening to this EP.

It just felt like a typical boring ass rap album but this time it's a youtuber I like on the vocals.

Also for some reason the vocals on "Tommy Hanks" were high pitched for some reason???

I was just kinda disappointed by this, and ... read more

Nickelback - Get Rollin'
The more I listened to this album the more I started to get sick of it.
While I can understand the appeal of a band like nickelback, they really just aren't for me.
Tom MacDonald - The Revolution
Pokemon Renegade and Revolution
Megormous C - DILLON EP
Introducing, the revival of breakcore.

the DILLON EP...


i am single handily saving breakcore, you should be thankful

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