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B E G O T T E N 自杀 - (death cycle) - 死​亡​循​環
A comeback from one of Vaporwave's most mysterious figures was something I was in no way expecting, but it's the best surprise I could've asked for. The music on Begotten's first six albums released in 2018 and 2019 are the biggest biggest contributing factor to making me a big fan of the genre. Those albums have really stuck with me in the last couple of years since I first heard them, and I'm so happy to see there's finally a long-awaited follow-up.

What's even better is that this may be ... read more

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Snuffed On Sight - Smoke
Chill Lofi Beats To Study And Pulverize The Skulls Of Fellow Civillians To (2023)
AJR - The Maybe Man
AJR's latest isn't their worst record, but I'd definetly call it their most frustrating.

For the most part, all we're getting here is more of the same. It's their same overdramatic Disney-soundtrack-type-beat #relatable millennial cringe for all but three tracks. I could even give them as many as many as five if I'm feeling generous. It's those occasional glimmers of hope shining through that make me wish so much that this album was legitimately listenable start to finish.

Right from the ... read more

Kevin Abstract - Blanket
Kevin Abstract's first solo material in a few years is a total departure from anything he or Brockhampton have done before, and I absolutely do not see that as a negative. In talk around this album, Kevin had stated that he set out to reinvent himself entirely, and that's pretty evident all throughout. Going from rapper to indie singer songwriter is quite the leap. While the results vary slightly, I'm pretty happy with it overall.

This album is a bit "all over the place". While ... read more

Ken Carson - A Great Chaos
I found this to be a pretty fun listen, and I have to say, that's quite a bit better than I would've expected from an Opium release. “A Great Chaos”, for the most part, captures the same fun energy that albums like “Die Lit” did before it. The simple but effective rage beats and decently catchy flows that make up the DNA of this style are present to the extent that you'd want them to be. In some ways, that feels like the bare minimum one could expect, but from the ... read more
Drake - For All The Dogs
Drake's FATD is far too long, and the only interesting thing about it is the other people on it.

As far as solo albums go, it's no secret by now that Drake is far from reaching the decent quality of his earlier works. It seems like an all-time-low when 2021's "Certified Lover Boy" released, and it doesn't seem like he's put much effort into climbing back up from it. His recent collaborative work with 21 Savage seemed like it was spelling good things for the next solo Drake album, ... read more


Sorry for the late reply, but here is some stuff you might like:
Nick Lutsko - Swords (Indie Pop, Alternative Rock)
Chuck Person - Eccojams Vol. 1 (Vaporwave, Plunderphonics)
Lemon Demon - Spirit Phone (Synthpop, New Wave, Indietronica, Geek Rock // Also use the 2022 Remaster on youtube & bandcamp, not spotify)
Talking Heads - Remain In Light (New Wave, Post-Punk)
Lil Ugly Mane - Volcanic Bird Enemy & The Voiced Concern (Neo-Psychedelia, Indietronica)
The Scary Jokes - April Fools (Synthpop, Indie Pop, Art Pop // Use the 2021 Remix)
Trust Fund Ozu - Faye Doubt (Hyperpop, Bubblegum Pop)
Jane Remover - Frailty (Indietronica, Glitch Pop, Noise Pop)
Lil Ugly Mane - Mista Thug Isolation (Memphis Rap, Southern Hip Hop // Has a Denzel Curry feature)
Logan Whitehurst & The Junior Science Club - Goodbye, My 4-Track (Indie Pop, Geek Rock)
Connie Converse - How Sad, How Lovely (Contemporary Folk, Singer-Songwriter // Recorded in the 1950's before "singer-songwriter genre was really a thing)
Thanks for the follow! Do you have any recommendations for me? / Do you want me to give you recommendations? Also, having Happy Anniversary by Begotten as a 10/10 is so true. That's one of the albums that got me into vaporwave so I love it lol
Ah cool excited for it then
Hey uh loved your vids. Do you plan on coming back by any chance
Hey Pass! Dropped a new track on my ambient project -

Feel free to check it out if you wanna :)
Count groups separately
hey man thanks for the follow! would appreciate it if you'd check out my protomartyr review (and/or my other recent reviews). im also gonna follow you back cause your reviews are great :)


YouTube videos coming back soon, they'll suck less than the others

Songs are scored on a 0-10/10 scale, and albums are rated on a 0-100% scale. Percentages seem like the best way to rate albums, but seem way too precise for what may only be two minutes of music. My final album scores rely heavily on my average song score, but also take into consideration things like cohesion, consistency, and the overall quality of the production, mixing, lyrics and instrumentals.

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