Radiohead - I Promise
Nov 30, 2019
Thom could literally sing anything and I would think it is utter perfection BUT this song is actually perfect. I love this song because it could be interpreted so many different ways. Initially, I thought it was about a person who had trouble committing to anything, especially a relationship that had the potential of meaning something. I thought the person was apologizing and professing his, or her, love to the other person and gives them their word that they won't run away from the love that is so clearly there between them. After listening to this song many, MANY times, I started wondering whether there was another meaning to the song because, as all Thom/Radiohead fans know, there is ALWAYS a deeper meaning intertwined between each phrase and embedded deep in the roots of each song/album. So... I was particularly curious about the repetition in the song. Practically after every line, Thom says "I Promise". Towards the end of the song, I find myself getting sick and tired of hearing him say "I promise" (of course I don't because Thom is saying it but just stay with me on this one). We've all had people who we've loved but wished we didn't. The repetition of the "I Promise" has a numbing effect and perhaps that's what the receiver is feeling. Maybe they're saying, "I love this person but I can no longer lead a happy life if I am constantly plagued with these broken/empty promises". I know I rambled here but it's just a testament to the complexity of Radiohead. Perhaps "I Promise" is not as romantic and pure as we initially anticipated, perhaps it's just a reminder that sometimes loves isn't strong enough and no matter how hard a person wants to change, (in this case be able to fully to commit) sometimes it just not meant to be. How is it possible for two people to love each other so truly and completely yet still are unable to make it work? What is the missing variable? Maybe Radiohead believes it's the logical fallacies we carry, thinking we can change but knowing we can't.
This song is beautiful, he is beautiful, Radiohead is beautiful.
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