Why I Began to Listen to Country & Folk & Americana in 2020

Some personal struggles revealed some side of me felt the desire to get back to basic instrumentals of a guitar, a bass, some drums and a simple vocal... basic/straight-forward/melow lyrics... and then I discovered a lot of albums that were going so much farter and complexier than this... so I made this list. Thank u Kacey & Dixie Chicks for paving me the way. This have may be the only thing that I did right this year. even this year being THAT productive.

Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour
I heard a lot of people saying nice things about this album... but I didn't checked it... so it was nominated for a grammy... so I took a listen on a saturday night in my house when I was alone... and it was awesome. It was even more awesome when my classes restarted and I could listen to this on the bus... while checking out the view... so yes, most of the music I listened was on that context. Alone in the bus. It was special for me. So my classes finished and now everytime I relisten this I go back to those days. so I laugh and cry a lot. I really want to get over all my personal problems, be happy, fix my life... grow up. so I'll be alive to listen to this when I get older, so I can show to my sons. and future friends
The Chicks - Home
the Dixie Chicks were featured on a Taylor Swift song. some months later, I heard about their past career, the boycott and etc. so I added the 'Fly' album in dec/19 but didn't listen to it until february. That month was special because I listened and get curious about the 'cowboy take me away' track. I began to keep this on repeat, and then I added the vol. 1, 3 and 4, listening in cronologic order. it was okay. When I get on the 'home' album... wow. They did that. No percussion. Voice, guitars, strings, mixed in a perfect way. It really felt like home. I remembered my times as a kid. And some memories that I never had. Each track was more and more impressive, so 'A Home' began and I surrended. This album is my 'cleaning house soundtrack'. I sing along to every single song. Like a backup singer. YES I do that. They did 'Landslide' better than Stevie Nicks. Don't fight me. That's my list.
Honey Harper - Starmaker
Finally an album from this year! I discovered this here, on AOTY.org. It was on a recent-releases space. So I added because I was intrigued by the cover art. It was an amazing experience, but I listened at night. I felt that I needed to listen on different contexts. So I listened in the mornings, evenings, riding my bycicle, taking a walk, while cleaning my house, before sleeping... all these moments were mesmerizing. I started to get used to the 'effort' voice that the vocalist uses in some tracks. But my faves were the 'emotional' ones. 'Suzuki Dreams', 'Starmaker' and 'Something Relative' are really my favorite tracks. The melodies, vocal performances, and mainly, the instrumentals... that's what 'cosmic country' means. The fact that Honey Harper is such a small artist (in terms of popularity) is sad, but I feel that this album is gonna be a classic and gonna pave the way for the future of country-related alternative albums (at least for me). I like this electronic-organic duality.
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