Earl Sweatshirt - SICK!
Jan 15, 2022
I took a little more time with this review just to let it sink in for a moment. I’m happy to say it didn’t disappoint but it’s also not my favourite of his. It has a potent mix of jazz rap and experimental trap. Although I thought that 2 of the trap influenced tracks “Sick!” and “Titanic” were definite lows. I was hoping that Titanic would have grown on me in the context of the album, but it was just the opposite. The song “2010” didn’t impress me when it was dropped as a single, but I really enjoyed it now on the album. I was a bit let down though by the fact that the lead single “Tabula Rasa” still ended up being my favourite on the album. I found the naming of the song interesting in particular. Because it pertains to J. Lock’s beliefs, tabula rasa means a clean slate or a blank page of paper on which life writes its experiences. They never really expanded on the concept. I think they meant it, as a telling of their experiences, additionally filling that paper or blank paper if you haven’t heard any material from them before. I was hoping he would’ve taken the more poetic route but it’s basically limited to that track. I have to commend Zelooperz on his feature, he absolutely kills it. Almost beat out Elucid for the best guest verse on the album. Also this project has a fantastic opening and closing song. It perfectly sets up the album with a moody instrumental and then finishes it on a jazzy note.

I’d also like to say something else unrelated to the review. Stop looking down on people for reviewing albums early or giving them ratings you don’t agree with. There’s so many people leaving comments and writing negative reviews like that. Let people have opinions, if you disagree ya’ll can have a normal and friendly discussion about it. I don’t think i ever saw users on this page being as hostile and pretentious as they are under this album.

Favourite Tracks: Tabula Rasa, Vision, God Laughs, Old Friend.

Light Eight /8

Hard agree about people criticising others for reviewing the album 'too early'. It takes some people fewer listens than others to come to a judgement. Especially with this album since there was only 15 minutes of new material to hear, I had gathered my opinions within a few hours of it dropping.
Also, great review! I'm glad you liked it in the end. I agree that '2010' was better in the context of the album but I also found myself enjoying 'Titanic' more. Agree though that Tabula Rasa still reigns supreme.
@Louis13 Exactly man, comments and reviews like that are so obnoxious. At the end of the day it just depends on the person. Yeah Tabula Rasa was still undefeated, although I gotta say that Zelooperz feature surprised me a lot. “Vision” was a definite highlight.
Tell 'em Mr. Cera!
Liked the review and I really agree about the rating thing as people need to stop caring about the score. What matters most is finding something you like and find the benefits in low ratings to understand and respect others who disagree. Idk why it's been a huge issue recently.
@TurtwigsTaste I don’t really understand the shift in attitude recently either. Every big record release is filled with negative points like that. It’s not even really isolated to the Earl album, people were already bugging on Nas’ new record.
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