PelicanManners -
Alright Zel’ i see you, keep on walkin. This is amazing, it feels like he’s at his peak here. He’s confidently combining his best elements from boom bap releases like “UNLOCKED” and the hard hitting trap style that he already perfected on his older records. I loved how he opened it up with a De La Soul reference, lyrically it’s also pretty fun and kinda conscious. The instrumental was fantastic both the jazzier, boom bap version and the trap switch up that ... read more
PelicanManners -
I almost forgot, but thank you guys for 300 followers and the repeated support on my reviews. It really does mean a lot to me.

Hymie’s Basement is a duo that consists of Yoni Wolf and Andrew Broder. It’s hard to describe this record but i think its sound is best explained with saying. That it’s weird indie pop with the quirkiness of abstract rap releases of the time. Most notably it’s influenced by what Anticon were doing, which makes sense because we’re talking ... read more
PelicanManners -
Chong Wizard is a producer, DJ and owner of Chong Wizard records. This is the first instalment of The Infinity Stone EP series. There's 6 entries in the series, I'll probably end up reviewing all of them. As you can tell Chong is a big comic book nerd. Here he serves as a curator bringing together fantastic and underrated artists from the underground. This is like a more modern take on geeky rap that was directly inspired by comic books. If you like that kind of stuff, you'll most likely enjoy ... read more
PelicanManners -
Joey has been trading in his best qualities with each release, he's dumbing his music down and trying to make it even more mainstream friendly. If you look at his albums, you'll see that with each release he tried to make it a step more accessible. It worked up until "All-Amerikkkan Bada$$", that culminated in a pretty fun style that you could just chill to. But the lyrics didn't have any weight to them. Ever since then he's gone downhill. This is the definition of uninspired, I feel ... read more
PelicanManners -
I honestly think the instrumental here is amazing, both of them also flowed over it quite well. Their voices matched the simplicity and the grittiness of the beat perfectly. The Game did his thing, you'll get no arguments from me here. His performance was all around solid, he had a couple of good lines. But then enters Kanye, this might just be his worst verse to date. Just because I find it lyrically repulsive. Saying that you'll beat your ex-wife's new partner when both of you have moved on ... read more
PelicanManners -
Picture the whole hip hop genre as a successful restaurant with a wide variety of dishes of all cuisines. I’m talking Italian, Indian, Korean, Croatian… They have it all. Imagine now you’re going into the restaurant you can order whatever you want. You could go with the classic “Illmatic” Lasagna or maybe some “Madvillainy” Chicken Tikka Masala. But no for some reason you’re ordering unseasoned chicken with a side of mayonnaise “From a ... read more
PelicanManners -
I took a little more time with this review just to let it sink in for a moment. I’m happy to say it didn’t disappoint but it’s also not my favourite of his. It has a potent mix of jazz rap and experimental trap. Although I thought that 2 of the trap influenced tracks “Sick!” and “Titanic” were definite lows. I was hoping that Titanic would have grown on me in the context of the album, but it was just the opposite. The song “2010” ... read more
PelicanManners -
I'm sad to say I'll never be a proper Death Grips fan, because I'm not a virgin. Hope my opinion still counts for something. This record means a lot to me though, since it's the first album I checked out by them. It also features my all time favourite song by them "No Love". That's actually the song that made me a fan of the group. I still remember listening to it for the first time, it was an unforgettable experience and it clicked immediately. The overall sound of the album is best ... read more
PelicanManners -
Ensley is a jazzy and conscious effort from one of the most genre bending and fascinating hip hop artists that’s currently active. It’s comprised of spoken word pieces, skits, interludes and songs that mimic traditional jazz rap tracks. You’ve never heard anything quite like it. It’s an experience that clocks in with exactly 1 hour of playtime. I recommend it for longer walks or drives, just let it immerse you. Some of the skits are also quite funny, but accurate so ... read more
PelicanManners -
I reviewed this a while ago, but i feel like i was too stingy with my rating (i gave it a 87). I genuinely think this is a classic for experimental hip hop. It’s so much fun while also being gritty. If you like artists like JPEGMAFIA, clipping., Danny Brown, Injury Reserve and Death Grips there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll enjoy this.

Ratking was a New York underground hip hop group, comprised of rappers Wiki, Hak and producer Sporting Life. This is their debut album ... read more
PelicanManners -
Without a doubt the worst single of the 3, that are currently out. It has a more trap inspired instrumental, that i honestly think sounds a bit cheap. Earl’s performance was solid though but nothing groundbreaking. I might end up enjoying this one more in the context of the album. But as of yet i’m very neutral towards it. I don’t love it and I definitely don’t hate it.

Strong Six /6
PelicanManners -
As the year comes to an end. I would like to thank all of you for being a wonderful community. Thanks for all the support and great discussions. I started out the year with around 40 followers, so it’s quite crazy to me how much my account has grown. I really do appreciate all of the support I’ve received on my reviews. I wish all of you a Happy New Year!

Now on to the record. Even though i stated, that i liked the highs on “Super Tecmo Bo” more. I feel like this is a ... read more
PelicanManners -

This just might be my favourite project from him since “Supreme Blientele”. It was mostly consistent all the way trough, production was handled nicely by Denny Laflare, Conductor Williams and Camouflage Monk. Stove God Cooks really carried this project, his features were a highlight. But still it wasn’t as good as his earlier releases.

There is something to be said about the repetition on Westside Gunn’s projects. He has been rehashing the same formula since ... read more
PelicanManners -
I’m gonna be completely honest, I heavily disliked both of the King’s Disease records. But for some reason the track list and the album cover intrigued me, thinking it will be different than that series. It is quite different, it sounds a lot closer to the older Nas that i’m used to. I wouldn’t have ever guessed, it was Hit-Boy behind these beats. It doesn’t sound like anything he’d do, but they’re not that impressive. The only instrumental I really ... read more
PelicanManners -
This is Open Mike Eagle’s second full length album. I think it’s his most underrated record. Sonically it’s very interesting. He plays with a lot of different electronic sounds and even does a fair bit singing. His first album was pretty straightforward where he was only rapping, so this ended up being a nice change of pace. He’s lyrically amazing here, some of the song topics are just phenomenal. The tone in which he delivers his lines is spectacular, the singing also ... read more
PelicanManners -
If I could only emphasise one record that came out this year it would be Mckinley Dixon's "For My Mama and Anyone who Look Like Her". Not to say that it's my favourite or most listened to release of the year, but something about it is so special. The song structures on here are insane, the way the instrumentals develop is nothing short of magical. The build up on these beats is beautiful. McKinley himself really surprised me. His voice, cadence and delivery are all amazing but most ... read more
PelicanManners -
This is the debut of Serengeti’s alter ego called “Kenny Dennis”. The character is basically a middle-aged retired rapper that’s a spoof of a Chicago sports super fan. The 10 projects that follow the story of Kenny Dennis are all light comedy rap albums. I’d say that comedy isn’t the sole focus, he really takes the time to flesh out the characters. He showcases the everyday struggles the characters face, there’s also a lot of introspection. But this ... read more
PelicanManners -
This is the second full length collaboration from the legendary Madlib and Freddie Gibbs. It’s so weird reviewing this, because i feel like everything i’ll say has already been said and is considered common knowledge. But i’ll give some of my quick thoughts on this album. The thing that I absolutely adore about this, is the soulful gangsta sound they’re going for. There’s honestly nothing quite like it. “Freestyle S**t” is one of my all time favourite ... read more
PelicanManners -
Although Boldy’s this year’s releases haven’t touched the greatness of his last year’s records “The Price of Tea in China” and “Manger on McNichols”. They have still been engaging, and good enough to be a worthy part of his ever-growing discography. I honestly thought this was gonna be a throwaway project, with leftovers from Bo Jackson. To my surprise this is almost as good if not just as good as that album, the highs here are even higher in my ... read more
PelicanManners -
Damn i’ve been inactive for a whole week. As i’ve said in my previous review, i’ve been super busy. Sorry if i missed some of your reviews, i just couldn’t keep up. But I’m returning with a compilation that’s really close to my heart.

This is a compilation that features all of the Luv(sic) collaborative tracks between Nujabes and Shing02. It also includes an additional song “Perfect Circle”, a lot of remixes and instrumentals. I’ve always ... read more
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