Drake - More Life
Mar 21, 2017
I have NEVER liked a Drake album.

Drake goes back all the way to when I first started critically analyzing music as one of the first artists I just couldn't quit on because of his amazing singles. The 'woe is me' annoyance of Take Care left a bitter taste in my mouth, and the bipolar Nothing Was the Same had song of the year contenders paired back to back (ayylmao) with some of Drake's worst material. If You're Reading this... was a definite improvement, but lacked the variety that had me intrigued in Drake in the first place. And Views was a mess that had a good album in there somewhere.

Most reviews I've seen on this site seem to be from people similar to my position; Never liked Drake, and wanted no business giving nearly 90 minutes of their time to try and change their mind. I went into this album expecting to get Views 2: Jamaican Boogaloo, and even though there are similarities between the 2 projects, the quality and consistency of More Life makes it Drake's best album to date.

I expected to chop this album up in half and keep the favorites in a playlist, but there isn't a single song on here that I am desperate to skip. The album flows beautifully from the two opening bangers to the best of what Drake can pull out of Dancehall. If you hate Dancehall influenced Drake this album won't change your mind but coming from someone who was intrigued by the genre smashing style, Drake realizes it to the best of his potential on More Life. The dance tracks from the phenomenal Passionfruit to Blem flow seamlessly into one another and creates one of the best runs in Drake's career. While Views was bloated and tiresome, More life has Drake continuously keeping it fresh with awesome guest featured interludes (Skepta and Sampha) and star studded collabs. (Glow and Ice Melts with Kanye West and Young Thug respectively as featured guests are highlights) Even artists I can't stand like PartyNextDoor and Travis Scott come through with great features, which is a borderline miracle.

Drake still struggles with trimming the fat off of his project. Even though deep r&b cuts like Nothings into Somethings and Teenage Fever are smooth as butter, that middle section of More Life loses the energy that was overflowing in the first half and becomes a bit tedious. Tracks like Sacrifices and Lose You try to still be energetic over a somber beat, but end up in a weird, yawn inspiring middle ground. Despite that, Drake finishes strong with Can't Have Everything, Ice Melts and Do Not Disturb to end the journey on a positive note.

More Life shouldn't work. It finds Drake embracing some of his worst tendencies as an album artist, but somehow miraculously finds its way to be intriguing and enjoyable for its full length. Sure, Drake's patois on No Long Talk is obnoxious. Sure, Giggs doesn't fit anywhere on this album. Sure, Young Thug sounds like he's skinning a cat when he tries to rap like a normal human being on Sacrifices. But even all of these glaring errors can't stop More Life from just doing that; Giving me more life.

Holy shit I like a Drake album.

Fav: Passionfruit, Free Smoke, Get it Together, Nothings into Somethings, Glow, Ice Melts.

Least: Sacrifice, the Giggs tracks, Lose You.
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