Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Sep 13, 2020
Ok so I really didn't like my review on this album last time. I struggled to describe the album as a whole so I thought it would be cool to show my thoughts on each track individually as it will be a much better review. Idk if I'll do this again.

Dark fantasy:

When the choir kicks in and you don't get hyped as fuck then you're either lying or you're not human. The transition between the choir and the change of production to a more hardcore hip hop sound was so cool. Kanye sounds hungry on this track which resulted in a banger of a track. One of the best intro tracks I've ever heard as it sets up the album perfectly.


I love the instrumental on this track, some of the best production on the entire album with more of a rock sounding track with the electric guitar. Such a great and memorable hook from kid cudi. Kanye comes out with some funny bars, especially in the 3rd verse.


Kanye is really the greatest at using samples into his production. Kanye has such a catchy flow especially going into the beat drop at the start of the track. Awesome, iconic hook. "More specifically they can kiss my asshole" more stupid but great humour from kanye. Overall a really inspiring, motivating track which was an instant classic.

All of the lights (interlude):

If you don't listen to this before you listen to all of the lights then you're not ok in the head. Get some help.

All of the lights:

Awesome production (noticing a pattern here with the production?). Rihanna does a great job with some nice vocals. Despite sounding like an uplifting, happy track, kanye showcases the troubles of constantly being in the public eye and having to deal with personal problems with his family. The hook for this track is pretty cool, I love the agrresiveness of kanye's voice on the hook.


One of the best tracks kanye has ever made. Such a fucking banger and each artist featured does an amazing job. The hook is by far the best on the entire album and one of best he's ever made. Despite being so simple it's everything I could ask for from a hook, hard hitting, catchy/memorable. Jay Z, kanye and Rick Ross all provide great verses but surprisingly its nicki Minaj who comes through with one of the best verses on the entire album. Nicki Minaj makes everyone else on the entire track look like they are the newbies of rap and nicki is the og. Oh yeah and of course the production is great on this track.

So appalled:

Definitely one of the more underrated/underappreciated tracks on mbdtf. I guess it just gets overlooked because the entire album is just so amazing. Good production (of course). A fairly simple premise for the track, the track is basically just about being famous and the life that it comes with but it is a pretty solid banger.

Devil in a new dress:

A really nice sounding track with kanye referring to his girlfriend as the devil (in a good way) despite being religious which was an interesting and cool concept which fit very well for the overall image of the album. Kanye had a really impressive rhyme scheme towards the end of the first verse which I really enjoyed. Rick Ross has a good verse too.


I love the piano on this track, it's so subtle and simplistic yet plays a huge part in the production. Despite being around 9 minutes long, this track does not drag on at all. Its basically just about being an asshole, yes it sounds stupid but it's a great track. Kanye even pushes Pusha T to sound like as much of a "douchebag" as possible for his verse which is quite cool and fits the track as a whole very well. The hook is awesome and uplifting.

Hell of a life:

Badass production. Kanye is basically just bragging about the life he lives for the most part of this track more specifically his sex life. It's not very complex but it's a pretty good banger of a track with a nice, autotune hook.

Blame game:

A beautiful sounding track with am impactful chorus from John legend. The track is about a dysfunctional relationship with both sides having done things wrong and kanye blaming both himself and his partner throughout the track. The ending is kinda weird though lmao.

Lost in the world:

A great soulful sounding track. There isn't too much else for me to say about this track tbh.

Who will survive in America:

Not a song but a great ending to this album.

Kanye has 2 perfect albums, does this mean kanye is officially good?

Best tracks: monster, devil in a new dress, gorgeous
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