Radiohead - The Bends
Apr 20, 2021
Discography Dives (With MickyT)
Season Two: Radiohead
Episode Two: The Bends

Moving on with the Radiohead discography, we have the bands sophomore album, 'The Bends'. This album is widely considered to be when the album begins to pick up the pace and ultimately be the start of the iconic band that they are knows as today. Coming off the back of a pretty lackluster debut which was pablo honey, it is clear to see that Thom Yorke and crew have improved on all fronts.

One of my biggest issues with Pablo Honey is just how generic it was with a lack of risks taken. On 'The Bends' though, the band become a bit more inventive. The production, while not mindblowing, is a lot more inventive and quite simply is just a lot more interesting. There are some great riffs from Jonny Greenwood throughout the album on tracks like The Bends, Planet Telex and Just. Thom Yorke had improved massively on his vocals from the bands previous album as his vocals are a lot more dynamic on the bends while they were pretty mediocre on pablo honey. While I do find the bends to be a little bit spotty here and there, it's a lot more consistent and the highs are a lot more memorable than they were on their debut.

Best tracks: Just, The Bends, Black Star

Worst track: Fake Plastic Trees
Apr 20, 2021
fake plastic trees is good :(
Apr 21, 2021
@MirroredComfort it didn't do a whole lot for me tbh
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