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Common - Be
Jul 31

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Kero Kero Bonito - Bonito Generation
I decided to check out this album after hearing the song "Picture This" a while ago and loving it to an extent that I couldn't really explain. This is one of those albums that I personally love but I understand it's not for everyone.

Vocalist Sarah Midori Perry has quite a gift for creating effortlessly catchy melodies and the band really knows how to make a song fun. It's hard to say this without seeming condescending but there were many moments on this album I could only describe ... read more

Le Tigre - I'm With Her
Longest four and a half minutes of my life
OutKast - Aquemini
This is an album that I would love to listen to again for the first time. It's very ambitious, experimental and pushes the boundaries of hip hop and has gone on to be quite influential in the genre. At the same time though it is still very accessible and immediate. Definitely a great gateway record for people who don't have a lot of history with the hip hop genre.

For me, this is OutKast's magnum opus and arguably hip hop in general. This album has an extremely high replay value, thanks to ... read more


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Hi, philthy. the new Our Girl is EP not LP, as format is listed. don't know how/if you can change it.
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The reissues and anniversary edition can't you put in the Original LP because is changes at the original review

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