Kero Kero Bonito - Bonito Generation
Dec 14, 2016 (updated Dec 14, 2016)
I decided to check out this album after hearing the song "Picture This" a while ago and loving it to an extent that I couldn't really explain. This is one of those albums that I personally love but I understand it's not for everyone.

Vocalist Sarah Midori Perry has quite a gift for creating effortlessly catchy melodies and the band really knows how to make a song fun. It's hard to say this without seeming condescending but there were many moments on this album I could only describe as 'cute'. Such as this lyric on the track "Try Me", which Perry delivers with so much enthusiasm that I couldn't help but smile:

"Just witness this impressive list of my activities:
Throwing a party...with you!"

KKB's sense of humour on this album is simply endearing.

I really wasn't sure about a rating for this record, because I assumed I would get tired of it really quickly. However, I've found it be quite addictive and actually grew on me with repeated listens.

This is indeed a G-rated, child friendly album. I'd even describe it as childish, but only in the same way as a good children's TV series such as Avatar: The Last Airbender. I definitely wouldn't say its childishness is a criticism. As far as negatives go I'd say the album occasionally loses its flow in terms of sequencing. In particular the transition between "Break" and "Lipslap" is quite jarring.

The instrumentals on this album are all very well constructed, colourful and pleasant to the ear. I imagine even those who dislike Perry's lyrics and voice will enjoy the production.

This LP is relentlessly optimistic and never fails to put me in a great mood or make me smile. It should be noted that anybody looking for something "deep" or "important" lyrically should look elsewhere. There are songs on here that seem to be literally about the enjoyment of jumping on a trampoline and talking selfies. If that sounds awful then this album isn't for you.

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