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Tallah - Matriphagy
Very Late 200 Follower Special! It’s been a long time coming, so long in fact, that by the time this review drops, I’ll be very close to 250 followers, so thanks! The wait is for good reason (aside from endless procrastination), since this this is easily my longest and most in depth review ever, and I’ll detail why I decided to do that for this album that’s relatively obscure in the AOTY circle. So sorry it took so long, I needed a lot of breaks and a lot of time to type ... read more

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King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - The Silver Cord
The Brilliant and Bastardly Binge of the Exceedingly Excellent King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard 26/26 - My 1,000th Rating Had To Be Special!
Well, I came to this one late! I really thought ... read more
I Set My Friends On Fire - You Can't Spell Slaughter Without Laughter
Metal Albums I Need To Review #7 - Alright, Hear Me Out On This One…

This isn’t THAT horrible. In fact, today I’ve listened to this and Attack Attack!, both of which I’ve enjoyed. This late 2000’s/early 2010’s strain of metalcore died out very quickly, and to an extent, it makes sense. Sure, this has aged horribly, the lyrics don’t mean shit, most of the singing isn’t very good, and overall it just reeks of incompetence, but that’s kind of ... read more

Snot - Get Some
Metal Albums I Need To Review #6 - FUCK THE RECORD, AND FUCK THE PEOPLE!

I have to preface this review with the tragic death of upcoming band Snot’s lead singer, Lynn Strait and his dog Dobbs. Both were killed in a car crash in December of 1998, and the growing Nu Metal scene was so affected by his death that Lynn’s friends and bandmates made an album in his memory. Truly a very sad story of a band that could’ve been. That aside, this album is pretty much opposite to the tone ... read more

Pantera - Cowboys from Hell
Metal Albums I Need To Review #5 - Old But Rusted Gold

Pantera is a band that needs no introduction. I mean, the release of this album practically jump started the early 90’s Groove Metal movement, and many bands to this day still take heavy influence from Pantera. They’re also one of the few acclaimed metal bands that I am not as big on as many other people. Sure, Vulgar Display of Power is a great album, and I would probably enjoy some of their later work, but as you can tell by ... read more

Death Cab for Cutie - Transatlanticism
Album Swap with @PoisonBow, shoutouts to him! He’s a really nice user with some great reviews and great taste, made apparent with this rec!

Indie Rock has always been one of those genres that, while I’ve never adored an album from the genre (aside from maybe Twin Fantasy), you can’t go wrong with it, and yet, Transatlanticism very much surprised me. I had already really enjoyed it on a first listen, but as I began writing this review, the album steadily grew on me more and ... read more


Hows the Engineer been
Hey Phobix!
I just finished my 300th review, and I think it’s probably my best yet. I’d love for you to check it out.
Hey Phobix, hope you're doing well. For a community list could you name 5 of your least favorite artists of all time and rank them in order? Would mean alot to me if you could and thanks in advance!
no way almost 1000
Holy shit, I just realized. I'm almost at 200 reviews!
How the hell did that happen that quick?! Especially since how long my reviews are.
Alright guys, well, time for a 200th review special! Coming soon.
I'll put up a list of albums to review for my 200th review special, however if you want to, you can just recommend those albums to me instead of telling me so I'll put it on the list. Thank you in advance.

My list is finally finished! Thank y’all so much for all the patience and support! You can now see where your favorite singles of 2023 rank in my user accumulative list! If you are a newer follower of mine, you can add your favorite singles of the year in the comments. Check the list out right here:

Once again, thank you so much for being patient. This took so much longer than I thought. I hope you enjoy it though! ✌️
to keep it real i forgot why i left 0s i think maybe nobody had rated the tracks yet so i thought it would be funny but i got rid of the 0s, my fault gang 🤝

P.s left you some :)
Hey Phobix! I'm currently creating what's known as a network graph or "Atlas" of AOTY, and someone mentioned YOU! :D To ensure the highest accuracy possible, as well as allow as many members to take part I'm asking all users mentioned if they'd like to take part as well! The following link will take you to a form if you do decide to take part: Hope you had/have an awesome day, and thank you in advance if you do decide to contribute to the Atlas!


I like music of all kinds, but generally gravitate to metal. Library is stuff I’ve listened to but haven’t rated.
I’ll probably start ignoring most shouts promoting stuff like reviews, lists, ect. Sorry…

0-40: Ranging from bad to I'm vomiting.
40-50: MID
50-60: Inconsistent or forgettable.
60-70: Ranges from okay to solid.
70-80: Ranges from good to great!
80-90: I really like this album.
90-100: Ranges from bloody brilliant to System of a Down.

Discord: phobixtheguy

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