Slipknot - Bone Church
Feb 2, 2023 (updated Feb 3, 2023)
Edit #1: Slipknot always makes music that grows on me, damn this is actually pretty good.

So, as I was working on the review for The End, So Far, this dropped out of nowhere, so this review wont be quite as in depth as I'd like it to be, since this song has a lot of interesting stuff about it. Still though, I'd like to get my thoughts out there.

Slipknot returned quicker than I expected, hell, it's only been 4 months since The End, So Far dropped. They delivered Bone Church, and it's quite an oddity to be released as a single in my eyes. It's still alright, but it doesn't seem like the most attention grabbing or exciting as, say, The Dying Song or even Yen. Anyways, it's one of their most experimental tracks to date, and I don't say that lightly. It sounds like a less heavy, atmospheric take on a Slipknot song similar to Not Long For This World or even Dead Memories.

The song begins with a strange sample, sounding almost like a stereotypical circus theme, which I guess kind of fits the intention behind the song? It's cool, I don't mind it actually. It progresses with its dark atmosphere until some light guitars and pianos chime in, and they sound pretty good. The drums then begin, and they're probably my favorite part of the track, the snare hits and the overall slow groove it attempts is pretty entertaining. Corey's vocals hit, and they're good on this song, not amazing but they're entertaining enough, his clean vocal delivery, while not very distinct from their previous albums, still sounds pretty good. The chorus is louder than the verses, with guitars that almost remind me of Black Sabbath in the pre-chorus. It's perfectly fine, and that's how I'd describe the song.

Probably their weakest material aside from some songs from The Gray Chapter and maybe the worst track on Iowa, but overall, not bad, just not something to get too excited over.

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