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Xiu Xiu - Oh No
Xiu Xiu
Oh No
Mar 26

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PipePanic -
R.I.P. Sophie Xeon.

Usually I don’t speak on things like this once I find out they happen. Writing reviews like this always feel extremely hard to write, but if i’m going to be honest, after hearing the news that Sophie, acclaimed trans-musician, had sadly passed away, I felt like I really needed to talk about my feelings about this record as a testament to what this album meant to me growing up. I don’t know what came over me to write this, and hopefully the meaning of why ... read more

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PipePanic -
OK, but what the fuck where you people expecting?

Did you people think that this would be good? "Oh yeah, a pop-punk band that found their fame in the 2000s coming through with an album nearly a decade after their last record? Sure!", you might have said before pressing play on an album that has a track called 'We Never Have Sex Anymore' or 'The Opioid Diaries'. "Maybe, just MAYBE, with a cover like that and an album cover like that, maybe this record will be positively ... read more
PipePanic -

How do you make an album that is both annoyingly lacking in ambition yet way too ambitious for its own good?

Sigur Rós has, for the most part, been regarded as one of those bands. You know the ones that i’m talking about. Bands/artists like Swans or Bjork or Godspeed You! Black Emperor that usually are elevated to these ridiculous standards of musical gods or savants, untouched by most mere mortals with music so beautiful that even ... read more
PipePanic -
The light is so goddamn bright.

Me and BROCKHAMPTON I feel have this strange connection. Obviously not a friendship (Reminder that parasocial relationships can be extremely harmful), but rather I've felt, only upon taking a look at my own life, that I live in parallel to BROCKHAMPTONS artistic journey that they have taken across the mere 6 years since their formation. The groups rise to power is stuff of legend, with the idea of a large group of friends trying their hardest to make music they ... read more
PipePanic -
"What makes a 0/10 album for me?"

This is a question I've asked myself multiple times across my time on AOTY. What differentiates an album like Cokie the Clown from just a straight up bad album? What makes something so bad that it defies a score? Can an album even be a 0? And if so, what does it even take?

Well, from what I've listened to, I have determined that, for an album to be a zero, the album needs to not only be actively bad, but also be on a conquest to bring hate into the ... read more
PipePanic -
Hello! Welcome to [INSERT GENRE HERE] Generator! Thank you for your interest in our program!

Our goal is to provide you with technically an album of any genre of your choice, generated by our unique AI system! Your genre selection of choice today is: Noise-Rock!

Are there any other genres you would like to include? Here are a list of genres that work well with Noise-Rock!
1. Post-Hardcore
2. Indutr-


You've chosen Post-Hardcore! We will add that to the end result!

Are there any ... read more


Apr 16, 2021
HEY! TYSM for following!!!! OMG, this is so cool, Pipe follows me AAAAAAAH!!!!!
Apr 15, 2021
What's your favorite Swans record and song? (list)
Apr 15, 2021
Hey Pipe, I'm doing a community list of songs to hypothetically replace the U.S. National Anthem, would love to hear what your suggestion is and why you think it's deserving of anthem status (you don't need an explanation, but it would be nice :)) (also I know you're from NZ but I'd still appreciate your input)

link to the list in question: https://www.albumoftheyear.org/user/andiov1/list/42535/replacement-for-the-national-anthem-shortlist/
Apr 12, 2021
Apr 10, 2021
Hello the one and only Pipepanic
Apr 10, 2021
Hey. What is your favourite album to listen to when intoxicated (for a list)
Apr 10, 2021
HI. Hope you're having a wonderful day. If its not so good i hope I made it a little bit better. lots of love!!!
Apr 9, 2021
Apr 9, 2021


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