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Nov 21

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PipePanic -
R.I.P. Sophie Xeon.

Usually I don’t speak on things like this once I find out they happen. Writing reviews like this always feel extremely hard to write, but if i’m going to be honest, after hearing the news that Sophie, acclaimed trans-musician, had sadly passed away, I felt like I really needed to talk about my feelings about this record as a testament to what this album meant to me growing up. I don’t know what came over me to write this, and hopefully the meaning of why ... read more

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PipePanic -
Damn Peggy: The Directors Cut.

Look, regardless of what you think of JPEGMAFIA or his music, there is no denying that this man is completely in his own lane. Sure, he makes abrasive Experimental Hip Hop (which has become quite the hot commodity as of recent, even I have a Experimental Hip Hop project!) but I truly do believe that JPEG is truly doing his own thing. Combining sweet synth melodies, glitchy production and heavy bass and drums samples with his versatile flow, Peggy feels like a ... read more
PipePanic -

Do you ever hear an album that makes absolutely no sense, yet at the same time, makes perfect sense? Have you ever felt that duality, that stark contrast, that perfect clash when listening to something? Because for me, 'By the Time I Get to Phoenix', the sophomore record from Injury Reserve, is exactly what that is; it is something that makes absolutely no sense, but it makes perfect sense. This is an album that is grief personified, laid out and dissected, to a horrifically accurate ... read more
PipePanic -
What if you went to heaven and God said...

Hold on, let's get this shit, let's get this shit
Let's get this shit, let's, hmm
Top of the mornin', top of the mornin', top of the mornin'
Top of the mornin', top of the mornin', top of the mornin'
Top of the mornin'
Hold on, let's get this shit, let's get this shit
Hold on, let's get this shit, let's get this shit
Top of the mornin', top of the mornin', top of the mornin'
Top of the mornin', top of the mornin', top of the mornin'
Top of the ... read more
PipePanic -
I'm glad people are liking this but...This bums me the hell out.

First off, I'm not a huge fan of the compositions of 'Solar Power' to begin with. Every song on here sounds so stripped down, basic and empty that there is really nothing to grab on. Each song feels as lifeless as on the album counterpart, so there is ZERO reason for me to come to this EP for the music.

Second off, this is such a missed opportunity. I think that having Lorde reimagine these songs with Maori translations is not a ... read more
PipePanic -
You guess you could say...I could be happier.

If you want the too long didn’t read version of this review, then here you go: I feel like this record is both a improvement on maturity and lyrical content but a downgrade on a musical front, and while I’m probably not going to be coming back to this record as a whole, there are some true highlights that make this album at the very least worth one listen.

But, for those who want the long version...let me take you back for a second.

I ... read more


Dec 6, 2021
when's the idles review coming?
Dec 5, 2021
HEy, just listened to Rollercoaster for the first time, and instead of writing a review I just wanted to tell you personally that I liked it! I always find it interesting seeing people who listen to music as much as you do make decisions in making songs. I'm excited to see what Mr. Benis has to come.
Nov 23, 2021
panicing pipe listen to new gec song
Oct 30, 2021
Oct 5, 2021
pipe orange name arc?
Sep 29, 2021
Thanks for following!!!!
Sep 29, 2021
Sep 25, 2021
Ok, so I know you may never read this, but it would mean a lot to help. Best case scenario, I get the ball rolling enough for a lot of people to do it.

So twin fantasy MTM is going to be ten on 11/2/21, and it would mean a lot if you reviewed this classic on it's birthday. you don't have to, but consider it please


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