Run the Jewels - RTJ4
Jun 3, 2020
We needed this right now. (Written on the bus, we going raw)

Recently I've been feeling creatively bankrupt. Everytime I go to write something, I'm met with a burning sense of 'why bother'. The world is burning in a virus infested planet, with everywhere you go to turn you are met with the same cries injustice and pain that black people have been facing for so long that has now boiled up and purtruded like a sickening broth or the pig crap silo for The Simpsons Movie, and with a lack of understanding from the government, from a lack of compassion from the police force, and from a lack of answers, it feels useless to even try.

On top of this already pressing issue that I feel needs no introduction, there is the petty and insignificant pleas of 'imposter' coming from inside my own head, as soon as I hit 1K. I've been stewing in this thoughts, and they have only risen with the fire and brimstone that seems to be showering us all. Going online at any point seems like all that it's going is giving me panic attacks and anxiety. But if I stay offline, I'm being silent. And as someone who genuinely cares about the black community and want, nay, need to talk about it, my mental space just can't take it. And yes, boo hoo, the white man can't handle the internet, big fucking deal. I understand that. It would take a huge lack of self awareness to say 'boo hoo me' RIGHT NOW. This isn't about me. This is about us.

And so, I've been finding solace in the music of revolution. Rage, anger and fear have all been present in music, so I've been finding the time to sort through the music that challenges norms, challenges the world and challenges out governments. It's time to kill our masters, and to fight the power.

So it almost feels prophetic when you hear Killer Mike and El-P come through with this project.

And god DAMN what a project.

Run The Jewels I've been listening to a lot. They have always to me been the soundtrack to a revolution and the apocalypse at the same time, with their bombastic production style and hard, aggressive and in your face deliveries. And every track here is no exception. Every track is a goddamn pUNCH to the face, every bar a smack on the lips, every lyrics an anthem to a world we wish we were living in. It's music to stur around in your system and to make you pissed off, angry yet inspired.

And my God it might be their best punch yet.

Each track comes through with anger, aggresion and articulation. You can see the building burning to these tracks. It's non goddamn stop, it never for a second slows down. It makes you pick up after it's place, and if you slip behind, that's your goddamn problem, not theirs. It holds a bat to your face and debates if they should smash your goddamn face in, and in the end you've already done it yourself. It's not just political music: it's fuck you music. It's revolution music. It's end of the world bangers that you can't help but fucking take in. It's a giant bowl of destruction that I can't help but witness from a close, CLOSE distance.

I've had my greivences with classic rap, and this has elements of it for sure, but it blends the energy and the power and pure punch of punk music, rock music, instrumental hip hop and electronic music into the blend to make the experience some of the
most euphoricly aggressive music this side of 40 minutes. It makes 40 minutes feel like 3. It flys by like a granade flying in the air and blasts your skull in.

However, even with all of this aggresion, it never feels like it's one note. It feels varied, unique and wholely original. It does care if it changes the game, but goddamn it's gonna. Right now? With this album comign out? I'll be surprised if this album becomes the most blasted thing of the year. Because by god is it euphoric. Everyone brigns their all. No one faulters. can you be disappointed with this shit? This is a flamethrower. A knife to the heart. A shotgun to the head. A middle finger to the world, and it's pointed high.


Favorite Jams: a few words from the firing squad (radiation), yankee and the brave (ep. 4), pulling the pin, JU$T

Lest Favorite: um....uh....cops.

Right now is a time to support black art. Not listen, but support black art and black artists. Buy black films, buy black albums, do whatever you can to help. I'll also be providing links to donate and for reaserch at the end of this review.

Donate. Make a stand. Don't be silent. This was written on my phone on the bus. What's your excuse?

Do more then just a black screen. The systemical racism in America is sickening, and I'm frankly surprised it's taken until 2020 to make this issue present. We need brutal change. Now.
Jun 4, 2020
well said.
Jun 4, 2020
lil Kiwi boy DESTROYS systematical racism
Jun 4, 2020
@Dombot >:)
Jun 4, 2020
Great review, well put!
Jun 5, 2020
Thank you for this review
Jun 6, 2020
Really dope review, check out Shrines by Armand Hammer as well
Jun 9, 2020
Amen Brother
Jun 9, 2020
1d ago
killer mike supports the police
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