Stella Donnelly - Beware of the Dogs
Mar 12, 2019
tldr; this album is really nice, very well writen, and overall isn't a bad album. But...Look.

I'm glad that female artists are able to write and create honest music that they 100% believe in and want to make. In an era where everything is being over-read, over-analysed, over shared and over reviewed, with people being overtly nihilist and dismissive because of the new connection to information we currently have, it's very nice to see honesty, fearlessness and positive vibes in an age that really digs on the bad side of life. And in an age where toxicity and anger toward anyone with a different look or gender or skin color has been heightened to a severally terrifying degree, it's good to see people like Stella come out on top, proving the white male dominated world of entertainment wrong with records that they clearly care a lot about, and have given the time and commitment to make them exactly how they wanted. But...i'm just so done with this particular sound.

The indie-folky-revivalist-hipster music that, while is cleverly and sharp written, doesn't do much for me personally. And in a year where nearly the only thing being thrown my ears is either yet another shitty mix-tape from a overhyped MC or yet another collection of indie tracks that don't go anywhere.
And the worst part is that this isn't even Stella's fault! The music here is really well written (hell, some of the best lyrics i've heard all year), and the mixing and production on this album is really nice. Hell, this might be my favorite album in this genre because of how brutally honest the writing is. By god, Boys Will Be Boys is an amazing track, and i'm 100% going to come back to this album for this song alone. And the album does have some really great stuff on this album, and i'm interested in where Stella goes from here.'s just the same 'chill vibes' and 'oddball songwriting' that i've heard way too much of this year. It's the same 'one person with a guitar, some synths and a bass player, writing songs about *GASP* relastionships?!?!?!? HOW BRAVE AND ORIGINAL' I'm really getting sick of this style of music, and it's very telling how 4 of the 'Must Hear Albums' of this year SOUND EXACTLY THE SAME (ok maybe not exactly, but pretty damn similer). Hell, some tracks almost killed me because it just sounded the sameI'm done with this type of music.

But this album doesn't deserve my ramblings. Not at all. It's a quaint, well performed, emotional and expertly made record that will most likely be some peoples favorites of the whole year. And it's a damn fine album. This album is not bad, by any stretch of the imagination. It's just...i'm so done with this type of music. It's not Stella's fault at all, or Julia Jacklin's fault, or hell, even Ariana Grande or Sharon Van Etten's fault. It's my fault. It's me. But me is the only me I have.

And so, i'm gonna go back into my edgy corner, and slowly whittling away my brain with stupidly loud industrial music. Because i'm a white degenerate male. And I have very bad taste in pop music.
But keep up the good work Stella, your voice is amazing and your lyrics and fantastic, keep making great stuff, even if it isn't for me specifically :)

Favorite Jams: Boys Will Be Boys, Die, Watching Telly

Lest Favorite: Beware of the Dogs
Mar 12, 2019
Shit I thought you were Hannibal Buress this whole time.
Mar 13, 2019
common misconception
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