Bo Burnham - Make Happy
Apr 22, 2019
These dick jokes go deep.

I think that if you use the internet long enough, you'll come across Bo Burnhams work at some point in your life. His brand of dark, biting, neck pulling, smart, self deprecating and fourth wall demolishing musical comedy is something that either you hate with all your rage or love with all your heart. It's weirdly experimental, with it feeling a lot more grand and out there then the usual stand up routine. Hell, the fact that this album is added to the site is a testament to the polish and the work that Bo puts in to both making sure the songs he's writing are both musically coherent and hilarious, while still making a point and giving a purpose to the tracks he's delivering.

It's almost impressive what Bo can get away with labeled under comedy. With such lines as "If I fuck a kid, I'm a pedophile, but if a kid fucks me, I'm a pedophile again?" and such great gags as Bo being called a f*ggot for a minute straight, it's impossible to think that Mr Burnham has such the devoted following in this day and age when he's making tracks like 'Kill Yourself'.

And, in a even more strange turn of events, this show that Bo puts on is blatantly written as that. A show. And Bo is very bluntly aware of this, using his platform to both be intensely critical of performers while being both incredibly honest and intensely superficial. It's a show that both tells you to kill yourself, eat a dick, but also asks 'Are you happy?'. It's a show about the show, and the hard work, the mental stress and the hardship that is performing. It's about the falseness of creation, the Hollywood ideal of making 'art'. It's literally in the name: Bo's job is to make you happy. To entertain. To distract. It's easy to say that Bo Burnhams work here is 'edgy and offensive!!1!', but that's not really. Yes, he brings up controversial ways of displaying his argument, but at the end of the day, Bo's work here isn't just to offend. Yes, it's a comedy show, but he's testing the boundaries of what comedy can be. Can you teach and make people open their eyes while also serving as a clown? And the answer to that is yes. Yes you can.

Favorite Jams: Country Song, Can't Handle This (Kanye Rant), Straight White Male

Lest Favorite: White People/F*ggot
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Apr 23, 2019
Better than anything Lil Dicky has put out as a "comedic rapper"
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