Apr 16, 2019
Hey new BTS fans/bots! Welcome to the site! A lot of people are coming at you with rightful vitriol, and i'm not gonna be treating you any differently with how you've treated this site recently. However, instead of saying "GET OUT YOUR FUNDAMENTALLY DAMAGING THE CREDIBILITY OF THIS SITE AND STAGNATING IT'S POTENTIAL GROWTH JUST SO YOU CAN CRUSH ON YOUR UWU QUIRKY K-POP GROUP", i'd just like to very quickly say that this site has a lot of people who care very much deeply for the content being created by the community. Like, a lot of work goes into some peoples reviews, including my own.

So i'd very quickly like to say, from the bottom of my heart, STOP BOTTING YOUR REVIEWS TO THE TOP OF THE SITE. Not only are you BURYING hard work and creativity to support your unhealthy Stan agenda (freedom of speech and fair opinions exist, we aren't just being racist towards your favorite group, and people can have different opions to yours without it being you'll learn that soon enough!)

And before you say that I didn't actually listen to the album: I did. I thought it was a fine album, a little out of my realm of interest, and seems a little cookie cutter and dated compared to some of the more cutting edge and interesting acts coming out of Japan, but I can definitely see the groups appeal to a larger audience in pop. However, the production seems way too basic and dated to really make me want to pay attention or delve deeper. Hell, the same problems I have with this album is the same problem I have with Maroon 5's early work: it technically isn't awful, but there is very little of actual substance. However, the bass in some of these tracks was really nice to listen to, and there is definite talent in the groups voice. It's pretty forgettable, and personally I won't be coming back to this release, or BTS's albums any time soon, probably because of this incident.

1000 ratings or not, botting reviews to put it above hard working individuals, and is also damaging what could be interesting discussion towards some of your favorite music. Yes, hearing that people not liking what you like is hard, but instead of lashing out with anger and...botting, maybe try to see their perspective, and calm disagreement while providing your perspective. Instead of...stan attacking music opinions. This is a really sad for and I really hope we can come back from this. And I thought Ariana Grande fans were bad, they seem like saints compared to this.

My actual rating is 35 btw. But, I feel it's important to give the zero because of...well...this.
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Apr 16, 2019
tbh you explained what i said so much better
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