Flying Lotus - Flamagra
May 23, 2019
The reason why the main theme of this album is fire is because its lit. I’m not sorry.

Goddamn have I slept on this guy. The fact that one of the tags for this album was ‘oh boy’ tells you how excited I was for this record. I've never gotten around to listening to Flying Lotus’ dense and enticing discography, but goddamn was I ever intrigued. Not only is he a darling in the indie rap scene, but his wild creativity is something that is genuinely awe inspiring, with a aesthetic that I can’t not be astounded at. I was able to watch his film Kuso back when it dropped in 2017 (a fucking mind bending experience that I adore to this day), and ever since then I've kept my blind third eye very much open for what Flying Lotus dropped next.

And then I heard that David Lynch, Anderson .Paak and Denzel Curry was on this thing.

And I nearly cried.

I gotta listen to the rest of this guys discography, because this album is a warped triumph. Each sound it creates is like a nice steak. Thick, juicy and detailed in its taste, each track presents itself as a glitched out and arpeggio filled look into Flying Lotus constantly expanding brain and his constantly expanding tastes. Each track, even though they are short and sweet, creates a picture of a world on fire, but instead of going through the motions of fear and anger on this album, there is a rainbow of emotions to see on this record. Happiness, sadness, melancholia, confusion, and much, much more becomes prevalent on this record, and shows its many forms in the most lush yet distorted way possible. This album flips from styles with ease, such as Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, RnB, and even Experimental and Classical. Its bright, heavy, fun, interesting and exciting all throughout, and yes, the production is so goddamn tight and fun here it's almost criminal. There is constantly the question of “how do you come up with soundscapes like this and make it not only interesting, but fun?”. It’s a wild combination of ideas that technically shouldn’t work, but goddamn when they mash together, they do so with a force that is really out of this world.

However, there is a couple of slight problem that I have with this album, and that's its length. Technically, if you have been following Lotus for a while, you'll see this as an hour of some of Lotus best tracks, filled with bright and exciting production. But, as a entry point into his discography, this is a lot to take in at first glance. I obviously loved the time I had, but each time i'm coming back to listening to this record (I did skim the leak, I know, i'm a bad person, sue me), I kinda feel the burnout around the 45 minute mark. Hell, it's hard not to with 27 goddamn tracks of production brilliance to be put on display here. But that's mainly a critique for myself rather than the album. (But at the same time, I don't have any problem coming back to Swans records...and those bastards go on for years). There is so much content that’ll it’ll easily excite old fans, but possibly scare off new, and the albums sticky memorability does tend to drift off near the end of the record. Which is a real shame, because I can hear a classic buried inside these 1 minute snippets that is just yearning to be unleashed.

Even if it’s not Flying Lotus’ best record, this album is still in it’s own goddamn universe of quality production. It’s a jazzy, odd, interesting, fun, engaging, if lot slightly long winded, but still interesting collection of tracks that further explore the deep wanderings of this incredibly exciting artist. It’s an experience that you’re going to have to check out to believe. I mean, you can’t go from Denzel Curry to David Lynch in one sitting in any other record that will come out this year, will you? This is one of the most interesting and fun listens to a producers album i’ve had in a damn long, and I can’t wait to hear what this guy does next, not just music wise, but in general. Flying Lotus is a creative force to be reckoned with. Fire is here people. Time to watch it burn.

Also someone remind me not to sleep on Tierra Whack when she inevitably drops something soon. Her feature is earth shaking.

Favorite Jams: Land Of Honey, Fire Is Coming, Yellow Belly, Takashi, Thank U Malcom

Least Favorite: Andromeda
May 23, 2019
How can you not like Andromeda??? It's my favourite track of this year so far
May 23, 2019
Oh wait...
May 24, 2019
If you liked the Tierra Whack feature I highly recommend checking out Whack World. It's a really fun introduction to her work and is only fifteen minutes long. I've also been keeping an eye out for a longer release by her because I loved that release so much, along with everything else I've heard from her.
May 28, 2019
Yeah I love it when my steak presents itself as a glitched out and arpeggio filled look into Flying Lotus constantly expanding brain and his constantly expanding tastes
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